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The Conflict has Moved West—CAEF Bulletin, May 28, 2021

The Ceasefire is Temporary; The War will be over when Jew-hatred Ends

The propaganda being spewed like venom from a snake is that Israel bombed Gazan children and used disproportionate force. I wonder if the western world would have reeled from the news that the Allied forces bombed the city of Dresden and killed men, women, children, the elderly and the infirm? The bombing helped bring WWII to an end. Alternatively we could be living under Nazism today. I wonder if the western world would have reeled from the news that the US bombed Hiroshima and Nagaski with nuclear bombs that brought the war in the Pacific to an end? Alternatively, we could have seen direct bombing of the US by Japan and its ally Germany.

What is disproportionate is that the Western World media, academia, and assorted politicians and celebrities disbelieve the truth and spread disproportionate lies. In supporting the regime of Hamas, these useful idiots are indeed supporting Nazism, which we thought had been conquered and tossed in the graves of Europe post WWII. But the Muslim Brotherhood and all its allies were fueled by the Nazis during the war and after. Many leading Nazis fled Europe and took up residence in Egypt, Syria, and other Arab nations. They have bred a hatred so deep, building on the historic antipathy to Jews that is part of a fundamentalist Islam.


Read Diane Bederman’s Blog

Dear Jews. It’s time to throw caution to the wind. If not now, when? There are 8 billion people in the world. One billion Catholics. One billion Protestants 2 Billion Muslims 14 million Jews.

We are commanded by God to Choose Life – Commanded. Choosing life sometimes means fighting for our lives in the diaspora while our brothers and sisters in Israel literally fight for theirs.

We are at that point, now; again.

Will we choose life and fight for it or will we duck and hide?


Take Action—Urge Government to call an Emergency Summit to address Jew Hatred

This message from Adam Minsky, President and CEO of the Greater Toronto UJA

“Every Wednesday, we usually send my Desk of Adam Minsky newsletter. It provides a compilation of news stories from around the Jewish world. But, like you, I’ve seen more than enough concerning news in the Jewish world this week.

Today, I want to do something different. I want to share with you how you can help, right now, to push back against the disturbing spike of antisemitism we’ve seen right here in Canada.”

This begins by mobilizing thousands of community members from coast-to-coast to send a message to our elected officials urging the Government of Canada to convene an emergency summit on antisemitism. The idea is to bring together federal, provincial, and municipal officials to lead a whole-of-government approach to combatting Jew hatred, including concrete policies to address this multifaceted threat. This is one of those causes that should unite our diverse community. Religious and secular, Left and Right, downtown and York Region…no matter who we are Jewishly, rising antisemitism poses a threat to us all as Jews. Now more than ever, we must unite as one to confront this threat.” It only takes two minutes to make your voice heard. Click here to send a message.


Media Bias, Arts Bias, University Bias—Pull out your Yellow Stars

Just how do people think the Nazis were able to turn the German people against the Jews?

Start with bigoted leadership, add a mix of academic lies and disregard for facts, add a blend of media propaganda and hateful rhetoric, and the gang of “artistes” with populist messages, and it isn’t so difficult to understand how a nation can turn on a small minority.

In Canada we now have a list of artists who bash Israel, support the terrorist regime of Hamas and its closely identified Islamist friends including the Palestinian Authority. These artists have the insane audacity to urge boycotts of the Koffler Centre for the Arts, formerly a Jewishly funded arts organization named after a generous Zionist benefactor, because the Gallery does not denounce Zionism and has been funded in part by UJA. So, if it disassociates itself from the Jewish community, it will then have the support of these artists and arts organizations. May I suggest—all rational people boycott these artists and spread the word.

Antisemitism has no place in our city, communities, country and certainly not in an institution that has been heavily supported by Jews. Here is the hostile petition and list. Here is our Letter to Karen Tisch, Executive Director of the Koffler Centre of the Arts, Toronto

Here is CAEF letter to The Toronto Star regarding its antiZionist coverage.


Can Canada Stand Hearing the Truth—Can You?

By Dr. David Nussbaum

It is clearly Political Islam that seeks its pseudo-utopian Caliphate, that is enabled by the extreme left (i.e. the "Red-Green Alliance") that is not being spoken of but is responsible for increased antisemitism at home and abroad. How did this happen in Canada? How might we speak of it without being called “racists,” “Islamophobes,” “colonialists” and other “bad names?”

Well here goes. The Trudeau government and the Progressives facilitated the entire current mess by signing Canada on to the U.N. Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, and surreptitiously bringing over a million of our unscreened cousins to Canada. This was done with the full knowledge most of the immigrants had been raised and socialized in a culture that is extremely hostile to not only Jews but to all infidels. The former Immigration Minister was of the same background, though we aren’t claiming he is an antisemite, but certainly he acted oblivious to the obvious in not wishing to address culture and values. Anyone who had any doubts about the outcome of that appointment just has to hold a pro-Israel rally in the downtown area of any city in the country.

Appealing to the Prime Minister is either an attempt to get some statement that might serve as a wedge between him and our cousins (which it will not; they are used to necessary political two-step maneuvers, and to make a few pronouncements of rage before kissing and making up), or a display of naiveté as to what our Progressive P.M. and this government are all about.

I think last week's excellent CAEF Webinar provided the necessary material to understand and communicate what is really at stake and in play here.

First, this is NOT an issue going back to 1948, or 1922, or 1894. It is a 1400 year old struggle for world domination. Any means are sanctioned to achieve that end. (See the full Hamas charter)


A Hopeful Response from the US

On May 26th, 2021, the Epoch Times reported that legislation to combat antisemitism has been introduced into the US congress called, “Preventing Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes Act” and similar steps were taken in the Senate.


CAEF is pleased to have sponsored this important webinar

With the advent of the Abrahamic Accords and dramatically changing politics in the Middle East, now more than ever before, accurately reporting Israeli news is both important and rapidly evolving. The non-profit Tazpit Press Services Agency, Israel's only Jewish owned press service, has made some dramatic new international partnership and investigation relationships that you will find interesting.

Hear Amotz Eyal and Chana Oz of Tazpit as they give an update on the citizen and civilian-based 24/7 news reporting in Israel as well as answer questions from the audience.


Warning: this podcast includes potentially offensive expletives that captures the growing fear and fury, of Mr. Daniel Rosenberg, who speaks for Jews internationally. It is a shanda that once again, Jews all around the globe, are being attacked in riots, almost reminiscent of pogroms, without the vocal objections and resolute support of their elected officials, friends and neighbours. Speak up against Jew Hatred!!


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