Tools for the Fight | CAEF Bulletin - November 19, 2021

Are You Equipped to Stop Antisemitism?

Many who write urgently to CAEF ask for solutions, suggested actions, or ways to engage to help staunch the virus of antisemitism. CAEF attempts to respond to all inquiries and suggestions. The scale of Jew hatred is, however, seeming to increaseand spreading across sectors, communities and global institutions. Below are several articles that address some suggested acts to combat antisemitism—which in the vernacular is Jew Hatred.

CAEF is a member of the Combat Antisemitism Movement which organizes programs across the globe, works with governments and NGOs to address antisemitism, documents attacks in every country, and offers individuals ways to engage. The introduction to their 7 Ways to Act Against Antisemitism is begins:

The fight against Jew-hatred requires united action. In the last month alone, the Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM) Information Hub tracked 163 media reports of antisemitic incidents around the world. There were more than 5 incidents per day in which a Jewish person was the victim of an antisemitic attack.

We are inviting you to join us in the fight against this age-old societal scourge. From anywhere in the world, you can make a meaningful impact by taking up any one of these seven actions against antisemitism detailed below.

You are also invited to suggest important campaigns or actions you would like the Combat Antisemitism Movement to support,” at:

Read the 7 Ways here and be prepared.

Be Informed—Be Prepared

Holocaust denial and distortion is on the increase, just another way that Jew haters express their hatred. This is most often identified as an extreme right wing view but it is also increasingly an Islamist view. It has been part of the Palestinian and Iranian antisemitic narrative from the beginning and is being increasingly hyped up.

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance offers some great information and resources. Check here.

Know the Anti-Zionists Within

Founded in 1996, Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), an American NGO, states its mission includes opposing Zionism andsupport for the BDS movement which then includes libeling the Jewish state. Not content to stand against Zionism and defend those who disguise their hatred of Jews as hatred of Israel, it has also defended such figures as Louis Farrakhan.

Miriam Elman provides a history of the group, and demonstrates that it is has undergone a disturbing transformation. In Canada we also have anti-Zionist organizations such as Independent Jewish Voices which has campaigned against theadoption of IHRA , a tool to save Jewish lives, and against several pro-Israel policies. It actively campaigns to have the Canadian Revenue Agency withdraw charitable status from the Jewish National Fund, a much loved, well-established Jewish NGO. To quote from the JNF website about its history of caring for the land of Israel which “took the role of planting trees, building water reservoirs, preserving natural habitats, and building parks and bicycle trails.

More recently, JNF Canada has taken on projects to build the social infrastructure of the land of Israel for the benefit of the People of Israel. We collaborate with a variety of important institutions and organizations in Israel to build social service infrastructure to benefit vulnerable populations such as youth-at-risk, victims of domestic abuse, children with special needs, veterans and the disadvantaged.”

Read the article and watch Elman’s presentation. Then ask yourself about other NGOs that are opposed to Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state, and whose activities consist of building lies and enmity against the Jewish homeland.

Facts and Figures—Truth Should Speak Loudly

A lot of people, particularly Israel’s enemies, have little or no knowledge about the country and many could not even place it on a map. Some of those who shout “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” cannot name the river or the sea. The lies are bold, brazen, and ridiculous but still unsettling and dangerous as they are but the thin edge of a very divisive wedge.

So, have a look at 50 Important Facts About Israel. and add to your armour of defense, of support and love for the land of Israel.

Here are a few interesting facts and all 50 are worth learning.

“Israel’s $100 billion economy is larger than all its abutting neighbors combined. It has the highest standard of living in the Middle East. It also has the highest per capita home computer ownership

Israel is a world leader in the invention of new technologies. Some of the technologies it has produced are: the cell phone, voice mail technology, the first antivirus software, the Pentium MMX chip technology and most of the Window NT operating system.

Israel is the largest immigrant-absorbing country in the world, in proportion to its population size. With people from more than 100 countries from five continents, Israel’s culture is extremely varied.

All citizens in Israel, Jews and Arabs, enjoy full political rights. Women also enjoy full rights, like they are not afforded anywhere else in the Middle East.

Israel has more of each of these per capita than any other country: more books printed, more museums and more orchestras. The most free and independent Arabic press in the Middle East is in the country of Israel.

Israeli banknotes have Braille markings on them so the blind can “read” them.

Israel actually began the 21st century with more trees (a net gain in their number of trees). It was one of only two countries in the world that did.

Approximately 1,000 letters arrive in Jerusalem, Israel annually addressed to God.”

Read more.

Learn and Share with your “progressive” friends and those who are curious.


While this is from Stop Antisemitism, a US NGO, the characters are likely well known to readers as they make the news regularly in their quest to best others in their Jew hatred diatribe. So, read and vote!