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Truth Be Told | CAEF Bulletin, April 10, 2024

Plugging the National Post Because it Promotes Truth

Every day since October 7th, the National Post has provided up to the minute, truthful journalistic reports and commentaries. Last year, the National Post celebrated Israel’s 75th birthday for a full five months. Read this special supplement here.

National Post: AFTERSHOCKS: Six months after October 7


The Truth About the Two State Solution

Professor Frederick Krantz, Director Emeritus of the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research, writing in JNS, states:

“.. the truth is that the only supporters of a “two-state solution” are Western governments. Judging by their previous actions, the Palestinians themselves do not want it. The P.A. has rejected a “two-state solution” many times, while Hamas rejects the idea in favor of genocide followed by the establishment of an Islamist caliphate presumably led by Iran.


“Let My People Go, Now!”

This was the rallying cry at one of the largest rallies held in Toronto calling for freeing the 133 hostages in Gaza and getting anti-Israel rioters off the streets. On April 7th, marking 6 months or 184 days since the massacre in Israel and the kidnapping of over 240 hostages, several grassroots organizations, along with CAEF organized a massive rally attracting over 3500 people to Nathan Philips Square, downtown Toronto, outside City Hall.

Speakers were all compelling, emotional, committed to calling for Hamas to free the hostages, for the government of Canada to do more about helping to free to hostages, and about standing strong for Israel. Due to the loud shouting and banging of anti-Israel agitators, kept back from the rally by Toronto Police, the cry was augmented with shouts to get the haters off our streets.

Most notable was the presence and vital, personable, encouraging speech by Hon. Pierre Poilievre, Leader of Canada’s opposition, The Conservative Party of Canada. Having delivered a warm, enthusiastic and poignant speech on Sunday morning at Beth Tikvah  Synagogue, Poilievre brought his message of support for the Jewish community to our open square and had other meetings in the Jewish community in his schedule.

Introduced by the ever vibrant, outspoken Jewish MP, and Deputy Leader of the CPC, Melissa Lantsman, Poilievre didn’t disappoint as he promised an end to funding of UNRWA, stronger support for Israel in defense, in international forums, and for Jews at home.


Sign the Petition - Declare April 25th San Remo Day, an Israeli Holiday

At a time when events seem to becoming more extreme, with sensibilities spinning more and more out of control, it might seem irrelevant to focus on the imperative of declaring April 25th as Yom San Remo.

This of course refers to the San Remo Conference in 1920, which resulted in the San Remo Declaration, an international legal pillar establishing the legitimacy for what would become the State of Israel.

It is precisely because cries of illegitimacy and of de-legitimization are becoming louder and more frequent, that it very much behooves us to point out the reality and significance of what took place in 1920.


Islamist Civilian Campaigns on Social Media Target Israel

The Institute for National Security Studies released a document on the level of social media disinformation and hatred targeting Israel.

“The war between Israel and Hamas, which started on October 7, has invoked unprecedented engagement on social media and has motivated citizens globally to engage in both nonviolent protest, such as demonstrations, and violent acts, such as harassing Jewish students on campuses. Recognizing the significant influence of social networks on public opinion and consequentially on shaping leaders’ decisions, organic civilian initiatives with no overt state support have emerged on both sides of the informational battleground.”

Read about the challenges and potential recommendations for meeting these.

Note: This article is part of a forthcoming memorandum on the strategic challenge of foreign influence and intervention.


Jewish Sovereignty over the Old City of Jerusalem

In this massive and well-researched doctoral dissertation, now published and available on line, Dr. Jacques Gauthier, confirms without a shadow of doubt, that the Jewish people have historical and legal rights to all of Israel, and most profoundly to the Old City of Jerusalem. Dr. Gauthier, an international law expert, devoted almost 20 years to this research and uncovered every shred of documentation and communication over this subject, leading him to passionately supporting the Jewish people’s claims. His book is part of the National Library of Israel and is now available to all online, with exhaustive references, and a soon to be available 3000 word summary.

Access the bookSovereignty over the Old City of Jerusalem : a study of the historical, religious, political and legal aspects of the question of the Old City.

Sovereignty over the Old City of Jerusalem : a study of the historical, religious, political and legal aspects of the question of the Old City / by Jacques Paul Gauthier.

Watch Dr. Gauthier presenting at the European Parliament in 2022, the 75th anniversary of the UN Partition Plan and the 100th anniversary of the League of Nations’ commitment to re-constituting the homeland for the Jews.


Occupy Palestine “Occupies” U of T President’s Office

On April 8, U of Toronto President, Meric Gertler issued a letter to Occupy Palestine group that had confronted him at his office on April 3rd. Read his response to their demands and assertion that the university will not divest from Israel, nor terminate relationships with any Israeli academic or institution.


Recommended watching

Watch Pat Johnson, founder of Upstanders addresses why non Jews must support Jews and Israel.


Recommended Reading

Read Warren Kinsella in the Toronto Sun on lawfare as a tool in fighting antisemistism.

Rosie Dimanno, the Toronto Star reporter, April 3, 2023, shares facts and supports justice for Jews. Read article on street protesters going too far, too long. Dimanno calls out the Jew haters and the police for too little action.

Read Joel Goldenberg in The Suburban about Jewish leaders who are calling for a second Canadian summit on antisemitism.

Read Warren Kinsella, Toronto Sun, April 3, 2024 on CBC covert anti-Israel coverage.

Read David Bedein, Founder and Director of the Nahum Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research, who with over 30 years experience tells us in these excerpts, the truth about the PA and UNRWA:

“The Palestinian Authority, part of the Palestine Liberation Organization, makes it clear: it is in a full state of war to obliterate the Jews. The PLO shows no pretense of recognition or reconciliation with a Jewish State in any way, shape, or form.

As a journalist who has covered the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, the PLO, and its administrative arm the PA since 1987, with the assistance of Arab and Jewish reporters who are fluent in Arabic on the Ph.D. level, I have documented that the PLO:

  • Never cancelled its 1964 covenant;

  • Never ratified the 1993 Oslo peace accord;

  • Initiated a new school curriculum in 2000 which indoctrinates total war with the Jews;

  • Enacted unprecedented legislation in 2015 that mandates a salary for life for anyone who murders a Jew.

Those who promote a “two-state solution,” which the PLO has rejected, are masters of fraud.”

“UNRWA confines five million descendants of Arabs who left Israel in 1948 to live the indignity as “refugees in perpetuity” in 59 “temporary” refugee camps, brainwashed by the premise and promise of the “right of return by force of arms,” funded with a budget of $1.6 billion, which flow from 67 nations and 33 relief agencies, with little accountability or transparency, so that every UNRWA penny can be invested in the war on the Jews”. Read the full article here.

Matthew Hennessey, writing in Wall Street Journal, April 2, 2024 about Israel’s accountability, better than any of that of any other country, and mistakes happen in war.

“’Israel has taken responsibility for a strike that has killed seven World Central Kitchen aid workers in Gaza. Benjamin Netanyahu said it was unintentional.’

War is hell. Everyone knows that. Bullets don’t discriminate. No bomb is smarter than the person who dispatches it. When the skies are full of lead, accidents are bound to happen, and when they do, political spinmeisters step forward to deny, deflect, delay and distract.

Not here. Israel has taken responsibility. What a concept.

And what a contrast with its adversary. The only thing Hamas takes responsibility for is doing what it loves: spreading terror and delivering death.” Read the full article here.

Richard Marceau, Vice President of External Affairs and General Counsel for the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), explains in the National Post,  April 10th, why CIJA is suing the federal government for funding UNRWA. Read the full article here.

The town of Hampstead, Quebec was featured in an article by Ari Blaff, in the National Post, April 10th, as the town council passed a non confidence motion denouncing the Prime Minister and his government for passing a resolution that shows a lack of support for Israel, Canada's ally. Read the full article here.

Hamas uses civilians as shield whereas Israel protects civilians

Toronto Police Announce Enhanced Crime Stoppers Program

Seal of the Toronto Police Service

Noting that antisemitic crimes are at the highest level in decades and most frequent acts of hatred, the  Toronto Police Service have launched a campaign to encourage reporting, and bringing awareness of the devasting  impact these crimes have on communities. People who see something, should say something and can do so anonymously.


Provincial Politicians Address Jews at Yalla Event

Yalla Logo

On April 9th, Yalla, a Toronto grassroots organization promoting conservativism, featured 6 provincial MPPs in a sit down with several hundred community members who are gravely concerned about the rise in hate and antisemitism on  the streets, in schools and on univeristy and college campuses. Brian Lilley, journalist with Toronto Sun, was the moderator. Minister of Public Safety, Michael Kerzner, Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce, Minister of Colleges and Universities, Jill Dunlop, MPP Laura Smith, MPP Goldie Gemarie and MPP Robin Martin, all provide clear statements of support for the Jewish community and for Israel, and condemned the acts of horror that were perpetrated by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and many citizens of Gaza on October 7th. Further, then condemned those who support those acts, deny them, trivialize them or in any way consider them acceptable acts of "resistance." The MPPs outlined various steps being taken to reduce antisemitism, stop its incursion in our educational systems, and to hold agitators accountable.

Yalla Event featuring 6 provincial MPPs

Advocacy and Action

Read Letter from Marvin Rotrand to BC Minister of Education and Early Child Care re: Motion re Nakba in education curriculum.

Read CAEF Letter to London Review of Books re biased promotion of Holocaust inversion.

Read CAEF Letter to Paul Alexander, Assistant Crown Attorney.

Read CAEF Letter to CBC President, Ombudsman and Chief News Editor, re biased reporting; CBC Response and follow up from CAEF.

Read CAEF Letter to Ontario Minister of Education re School Boards adopting Nakba misinformation.

Read Letter from Michael Teper, to City of Toronto Councillor Lily Cheng demanding action by  Toronto Police Service in regards to hate spewed at Jews during a civil rally on April 7th that called on Hamas to "Let my people go."


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