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Truth Be Told | CAEF Bulletin, Aug 29, 2023

Whose Land?-- UN Resolution 342 and the Status of Jerusalem

Thanks to Hugh Kitson of Title Deed Media for sharing the latest episode of Whose Land. CAEF invites you to watch Episode 14 of the documentary series on Israel and the rights of the Jewish people. Listen to outstanding legal experts: Avi Bell, Jacques Gauthier, Eugene Kontorovich, Alan Baker, Natasha Hausdorff, and more. Narrated by Col Richard Kemp and covering historical and legal facts, it is clear that there was never a state of Palestine and that Israel has never been illegally occupying any land.

Coming up in September, CAEF will premier Episode 15. Watch for information.


Advocacy and Action

CAEF letter to Toronto Councillor/Deputy Mayor Ausma Malik, congratulating her on her appointment and asking her to declare her position re Al Quds Day rallies that support Hezbollah.

For more information, click here.

Larry Shapiro, a subscriber from Calgary, wrote a Letter to the Editor of the LA Times, on August 22, 2023, in response to fallacious claims that Israel deprives Arabs of water.


Canadian Updates

Ontario Grants for Anti-Hate Security and Prevention—Applications Due September 12!

This spring, the Ontario government launched the Ontario Anti-Hate Security and Prevention Grant, a new grant program benefitting community-based, non-profit organizations’ security needs. In response to our community’s advocacy efforts, when creating this replacement program*, the government expanded the eligibility for organizations and the list of permitted expenses to improve safety and security measures that protect our community from hate.

Muslim Association of Canada features Jew-hating Sheik

On September 2-4th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, MAC will hold its annual conference and as noted by Honest Reporting Canada, one of its special guests is expected to be Sheik Nashaat Ahmed, an Islamic scholar based in Qatar of Egyptian descent. He has a long history of spouting extreme antisemitism and hatred towards other groups.


Celebrating Israel's 75th Anniversary

The Friends of Jesus Christ, Canada held their 26th celebration through song and dance, Israel Rejoicing, on August 20th. With sponsorship from CAEF, Canadians for Israel's Legal Rights, and the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, Canada, they filled the room with warmth, love, and spirituality for people of all faiths who love Israel and the Jewish people.

CAEF extends its sincerest appreciation for the event and for recognizing our organization in the program. Deputy Counsel General for Israel, Ms Shani Azoulai, brought a heartfelt message of appreciation on behalf of Israel and the Jewish community.


New Resources for Holocaust Education from Combat Antisemitism Movement

CAEF is a proud member of the Combat Antisemitism Movement, and urges everyone to sign their pledge to combat antisemitism. Their resources are imaginative and very helpful; their work includes developing effective interfaith relations, support for IHRA across nations and institutions, and education and advocacy to confront the myriad expressions of Jew hatred. Weekly, CAM produces a statistical overview of antisemitic incidents globally.

Register for this new initiative, video games as tools for Holocaust Education.


Recommended Reading

Articles with historic facts and current data on Israeli and “Palestinian” Arabs

Israeli Judicial Reform Remains Controversial


Support Liberal Values and Confront Leftist Antisemitism

CAEF featured David L. Bernstein in a webinar on April 2, 2023, and recommended reading his book, Woke Antisemitism, How a Progressive Ideology Harms Jews. Check out the Jewish Institute for Liberal Values to understand leftist issues that challenge and even threaten Jews. Learn how to respond, how to offer alternatives, and work cooperatively with others.

Understand how Critical Social Justice ideology threatens Jews.

View a Canadian case example in this recorded event.


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