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Unmasking Antisemitism Within the Palestinian National Movement | CAEF Special Bulletin, Jun 28, '23

First Pulse of Israel Conference, Co-sponsored by CAEF

Full Recording available below

CAEF was proud to be a sponsor of the first Pulse of Israel Conference, June 25, 2023 on the important subject of antisemitism in the Palestinian National Movement. The Palestinian Authority includes member organizations which are terrorist entities. The PA promotes and rewards the murder of Jews. Funded by the American government, the EU and others, the PA is bent on Israel’s destruction, is not a peace partner, does not desire a two state solution, and is radicalizing Palestinian Arab children to kill Jews.

It is imperative that people know the truth, stand up for truth, and demand that Western governments act on the truth, and that the media report the truth.

You can choose segments of the program using the links to specific time codes, or watch all of this compelling conference with expert speakers.

Avi Abelow, founder and President of the Pulse of Israel and CEO of 12Tribe Films was moderator throughout. He did a magnificent job, brought many issues to light, shared personal stories and showed us how to be Israel proud, informed and taking action.

13:48 Video greeting with views of Israel (

21:24 Itmar Marcus, Founder and Director, Palestinian Media Watch on video, presented: Palestinian Antisemitism, a Fundamental Component of PA Ideology (

38:59 Bedein Center video, captures the murder of 3 members of the Dee family on April 7, 2023, the eulogy by Rabbi Leo Dee, the celebration of the murders by the PA, and the IDF pursuit and elimination of the terrorists, followed by the Palestinians claiming revenge for death of the terrorists. (

45:00 Melanie Philips, journalist, author, commentator, activist (

1:14:00 Avi speaks about the Nativ Program of the IDF, which converts soldiers who wish to become Jews. He tells the story of a Gazan family helped to escape to Israel, and all 4 sons serve in the IDF and convert to Judaism, after seeing how Hamas is murdering Gazans and would have killed their father. (

1:20:26 Carolyn Glick, journalist, author, commentator, activist (

1:47:56 Col. Richard Kemp via video (

1:52:40 Congressman Andy Barr in Washington, sponsored by The Yes! Israel Project (

2:00:22 Panel of 3 young Israeli activists and moderator, discuss actions and initiatives towards peace and send a message to the American administration not to fund the PA which is a terrorist entity. (

2:47:46 Presentation of the first Brave Leadership of Zion Award to Sarah Haetzni Cohen (

3:00:09 Brooke Goldstein, Executive Director of The Lawfare Project, author of upcoming book “Jew Hatred: A Manual for Mobilization, Founder of End Jew Hatred (

3:10:02 Elan Carr, former US Special Envoy on Combating Antisemitism (

3:44:43 Rabbi Eli Mischel brings a message of spirituality (


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