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Watch live from Israel: Hold UNRWA Accountable! Oct 8 & 9, 2023

CAEF is very pleased to share this event with the Nahum Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research, featuring the documentary film, "The Askar UNRWA Camp: Cradle of Terror", which gives a detailed look at what Palestinian children are being taught in schools run by the United Nations Relief & Works Agency. In particular, you might be interested in the guest speaker, Rabbi Leo Dee.

This is a live event in Israel but you can watch it live on Zoom in English on October 8 at 1pm EDT, 12pm CDT, 10am PDT, or in Hebrew on October 9th at 6am EDT, 5am CDT, 3am PDT.

Please use the links below to watch on Zoom. To attend in person, please register by emailing David at

Here's the link for the first evening on October 8th:

and here's the link for the second day on October 9th:

Hold UNRWA Accountable - Live and Zoom event October 8-9, 2023


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