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Watch Two Powerful CAEF Webinars

Last week, CAEF’s webinar Understanding Jewish Indigeneity was presented by two indigenous New Zealanders, the co-founders of the Indigenous Israel Coalition, Dr. Sheree Trotter and Hon Alfred Ngaro. Listen to the voices of Indigenous Zionists whose personal and academic credentials will help everyone understand the truth about Jews being indigenous to Israel.

This week CAEF’s Web Talk Series, Fighting Back, Responses to Jew Hatred, was launched with two passionate, experienced Zionist advocates and educators. Listen to Masha Merkulova, Founder of Club Z and Daniel Koren, Executive Director of Hasbara Fellowships as they educate parents and grandparents on Equipping Students with Knowledge and Skills.

Watch for more Important Programs to Educate, Advocate, and Restate Jewish Rights to the Land of Israel.


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