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Web Talk: Equipping Students with Knowledge and Skills


Sponsored by Eric Slavens

Thursday, January 20th, 2022


11:00 AM


2:00 PM


7:00 PM


9:00 PM

Equipping Students with Knowledge and Skills

Featuring Masha Merkulova, Founder and Executive Director, Club Z

And Daniel Koren, Executive Director, Hasbara Fellowships Canada

Masha Merkulova founded Club Z to provide teens with a platform to connect to Israel, Jewish history, Zionism and one another. Born in the Former Soviet Union, she did not know she was Jewish. As she began to question her own identity, she embraced Zionism, realized it is a movement for justice and later became a Jewish community activist. She founded Club Z in 2011 and it has grown today to serve hundreds of kids in the San Francisco Bay area, Los Angeles, North Carolina and New York, and isexpanding.

Masha is a commentator, educator and activist.

Daniel Koren, born in Israel, grew up in Toronto while maintaining close connections with Israel. A long time Jewish community professional, with a background in journalism and communication, he has worked for several Jewish organizations including Jewish media. His passion being pro-Israel advocacy, Daniel spearheaded several initiatives to promote “hasbara” and combat racism, appearing on radio, television and in print, talking on campuses, and using social media.

Daniel focuses on educating Jewish kids on the importance of the indigenous Jewish people achieving self-determination in their ancestral land.

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