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Who ARE They Kidding? | CAEF Bulletin November 5, 2021

Cartoon by Yaacov Kirshner

Blood libel 2021: The newest version of an age-old lie - at COP26

Watch Regavim’s response to the new “big lie.” The PA doesn’t spend a day without generating more lies, Jew hatred,and threats to murder Israelis


Why Does Canada Continue to Fund Terrorism?

Does anyone really think that the Israeli government isn’t capable of determining if an NGO is a front for terror or is decidedly antisemitic or is trying to destroy the Jewish nation? Really? Do organizations like JSpace have more intel than the security services and intelligence units of the Israeli government? JSpace on its Twitter feed demanded that Canada object to the Israeli decision regarding banning 6 NGOs.

It’s interesting, as well as disturbing that other Jewish and non-Jewish organizations that support the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, also ignore the 19 year illegal Jordanian occupation of parts of Israel and fabricate stories about Jewish occupation of the historic homeland of the Jewish people, and now would have people believe that the six recently banned NGOs in Israel are nothing but human rights organizations. That would suggest Israel isn’t supportive of human rights when it comes to the Arab Palestinians. That is a great stretch since it is Israel, not the Palestinian governments of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority that care most about the average Arab, whether of Israeli citizenship or under one of the tyrannical antisemtic regimes, regimes which practice ethnic cleansing, apartheid, pay-for-slay of Jews, demolish historic ancient Jewish religious sites, set up illegal settlements in Judea and Samaria, and relish the fact that they can con the world’s elite into supporting their destructive plans to eradicate Israel.

They will never succeed but the plan gets support, whether with huge infusions of donor guilt money, with constant condemnation of Israel for doing what any sovereign state would do—namely protecting its people and upholding the rule of law—while the tyrants commit fraud, embezzle funds for personal benefit, lie to the world, bring false accusations against Israel to the world court, the UN and the court of public opinion ie the media.

Here are some simple facts about one of the banned NGOs as reported by NGOMonitor, which along with Regavim, an esteemed Israeli NGO, made it to the honour list with the PA. They are named “terrorists” which is laughable because the fact is that these Jewish NGOs do great research with incredible due diligence and present only the facts to those with intellectual integrity enough to see the truth.

So, Canadians here is what we are funding:

“Union of Agricultural Work Committee (UAWC) defines itself as a “one of the largest agricultural development institutions in Palestine as it was established in 1986 by a group of agronomists.” The group adds that “when established, UAWC depended on volunteers completely and formed agricultural committees in the West Bank and Gaza to set the priorities of farmers and help the Union in implementing its programs and community activities.” It is “registered as a non-governmental agricultural organization according to the Palestinian Associations and Non-Governmental Organizations Law No. 1 at the Palestinian Ministry of Interior.”

UAWC rhetoric includes accusations of “ethnic cleansing,” “collective punishment,” and “apartheid,” as well as supporting a Palestinian “right of return.” UAWC also promotes BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) campaigns against Israel.

UAWC is identified by Fatah as an official Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) “affiliate” and by a USAID-engaged audit as the “agricultural arm” of the PFLP.

According to academic scholar Glenn E. Robinson, UAWC was founded in 1986 by “agronomists loosely affiliated with the PFLP.” On October 22, 2021, the Israeli Ministry of Defense declared UAWC a “terror organization” because it is part of “a network of organizations” that operates “on behalf of the ‘Popular Front’.”

Read More, about the PFLP, a listed terrorist organization.


A Voice Opposing the US Consulate in Jerusalem for Palestinian Arabs

There is no justifiable reason for a second US office for consular services in Israel, nor is it legal for one country to assume it can do what it likes within another country, particularly its capital. It would be very simple though unnecessary for the US to expend funds to open a consulate in Ramallah. It is abhorrent to suggest it should be in Jerusalem.

What’s Behind the US Actions Against Israel?

An article in The Jerusalem Post on October 28, 2021 by David Weinberg, offers one view to consider. Below is an excerpt and link to the full article.

“Why would the Biden administration start bullying Israel about these matters now? Why bark about Jerusalem, Palestinians and settlements when even the most left-wing officials in the US administration know that the obstinate and corrupt PA deserves absolutely no awards from Washington and that there is no realistic peace process in the offing?”

“IN MY VIEW, the explanation for the Biden administration’s escalation of tensions with Israel lies in a completely different realm. It is a function of the impending (and ruinous) Biden nuclear deal with Iran.”


Surprise!! The PA Displays a Map of “Palestine” Minus Israel at New Embassy in Tunisia

The map of Palestine erected at the new PA embassy in Tunisia has one problem—there is no Israel. That Tunisia and the UN accepts this, is a lot of the problem.

“This is no surprise since the PA displays and promotes this map in all contexts possible as exposed again and again by Palestinian Media Watch. The message of the map is, of course, that Israel has no right to exist and that the goal of the PA is sovereignty over the entire area.”

Integrity obviously isn’t required in diplomatic missions.


There is No Greater Crew of Israel Haters than Those in Academia

The height of antisemitic hypocrisy and malignant cancel culturalism (I think it’s time we named the ideology) is on display in this story from Glasgow where a group of academics demanded a withdrawal of an apology for an anti-Israel article.


An Update in the Battle to Condition US Funding to UNRWA

Watch Center for Near East Policy Research on November 7th, 6:00pm


The UnJews and Anti-Zionists

It goes without saying that there have always been Jewish dissenters, internal “tribal” conflicts, and differences of opinion. But a so-called Jewish organization that objects to just about everything that mainstream Jews do, including defining antisemitism, defending Israel’s right to exist as a sovereign nation, and supporting Israel’s right to bear arms to defend its citizens from attacks and intended massacres, suggests this “tribe” needs a new name. Gil Troy and Nathan Sharansky call them the “UnJews”, which is far gentler than “self-hating Jews”, or suggesting they are antisemites though they support those who are antisemites and espouse a lot of the same bad ideas.

Here is an analysis by Independent Jewish Voices Canada on the National Summit on Antisemitism, convened by the Federal Government and featuring Irwin Cotler, the Special Envoy on Holocaust Remembrance and Combatting Antisemitism. One should be aware of this organization and its ideological antagonism to Israel’s existence and to facts about Jew hatred. This group provides cover for many anti-Zionist, antisemitic groups within the Canadian BDS Coalition.

In the United States, Jewish Voice for Peace Gives Cover to the Anti-Zionist Movement. Listen to this ISGAP Webinarwith Professor Miriam Elman, part of a series on Historical Tropes in Contemporary Antisemitism International Seminar Series. Elman is Executive Director of The Academic Engagement Network and Political Science Professor, Syracuse University.


What Will be the Future for American (and Canadian) Jews?

There are many articles, books and expert talks on this topic now that antisemitism is being normalized, exacerbated by the left, right and Islamofacism. It was always incredible that there has been a huge Jewish influence on what we consider American culture, be it literature, music/song, theatre/film, art etc, but now, incredibly it is almost denied, declined, dead. This webinar with Professor Thane Rosenbaum bears an unmistakably imperative message for people concerned about the Jewish future in America, Canada and Western society writ large. This is part of the ISGAP series.


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