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Why is NAZI Propaganda being taught as Equity and Social Justice

By Daniel Bordman, Communications Coordinator, CAEF - April 24, 2019

For Jews, it is that time of year when we get together for the over the top cleaning and feasting that accompanies Passover.  For antisemites, it is the time to spread the slanderous “blood libel” against the Jews that has inspired countless massacres from the Inquisition to Pogroms to the Holocaust.

For centuries, antisemites have been spreading the lie that the Jews harvest the blood of their children to make Matzah for Passover. In the Middle Ages it was Christian children, today that lie is common in the Arab world where it is now “Israel is harvesting organs from Palestinian children”. The blood libel has taken on many forms over the years, but the core remains the same: Jews are taking people and preforming sinister secret experiments or rituals. Today in modern progressive Canada we have our very own blood libel.

A 12th grade project at Peel School District’s Stephen Lewis Secondary School was identified a few days before Passover by the Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) as spreading this literal NAZI lie claiming that Israel is preforming human experiments on Palestinian. The poster in the school hallway had the Palestinian flag with this wording: “If animal testing is not okay, then why is human testing okay?  #ProtectPalestinianPrisioners. Click here to read more on the CIJA website.

This project was part of the school’s “Equity and Social Justice: From Theory to Practice” course.  Why would such a benevolent sounding name espouse such evil?  For me the connection is rather obvious, as I have trying to raise the alarm about the connection between the “Social Justice” movement and antisemitism for some time.  Look no further than the Women’s March leaders meeting proudly with Louis Farrakhan or any of the numerous antisemitic statements from U.S. Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Talib and the reflexive defence from the far-Left.

The question needs to be asked, with the current moral panic about White Nationalism being an imminent threat to Canada, why haven’t any major politicians spoken out about this Leftist-NAZI propaganda in our schools? Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, Ahmed Hussein, Bill Blair and many others have frequently claimed Canadian Conservatives are White Nationalist apologists, yet over a period of more than a week, not one of them said anything about this. Why?

Could the demographic make up of Peel’s schools have anything to do with this? This was the same school board that was quick to throw away Canadian laws in regards to the separation of religion in public schools when the Muslim community asked for prayer spaces in their schools. Even when it was found out that they were segregating boys and girls, barring non-Muslim children from accessing the rooms and isolating girls that were menstruating at the time, nothing was done.

Let us be honest, if most of our politicians are willing to ignore or explain away genocidal antisemitism when it comes out of our mosques (, why would they do anything about it when it comes out of our schools?

The Peel District School Board promised to launch an “investigation”, which may have already failed. Any investigation that doesn't take longer than 15 minutes is an absolute joke. This is NAZI level propaganda, the teacher involved should be named, shamed and fired. The principal should resign in disgrace, and the children should be educated properly by Holocaust educators who would show them where their vile smears lead.

Instead what we are getting is worse than useless. To borrow a term from the radical left, it is Alt-Right Adjacent, since it enables Nazi ideology. First, the school board has said that the results of their investigation will be private, which is absolutely the wrong approach. While I fully agree that the names of all the minors involved in this situation must be kept private, not so with the adults. With the strength of the teacher’s union this person could be back teaching this nonsense within the year. Also, it must be a matter of importance to the public as to how this “progressive” program slipped into Nazi ideology. Would it not benefit Canada to put in measures to make sure this never happens again?

The second and most glaring problem with the statement from the Peel District School Board is the language they’ve used. Apparently, there are “gaps in understanding” between communities here and we must be “mindful that we must also be sensitive to the well-being and safety of those who participated in the class project”. What about the truth?! What about the fact that this was an absolute slanderous lie that has inspired millions of deaths in the past? The only concern to them is that some Jews were offended, and now that some others not be offended.  Their inability to take action to condemn the action in question instead of sympathizing with the reaction is morally appalling.

Here is a comparable perspective to consider. What if I were teaching a classroom about religions and had a project on the Sikh faith?  Suppose some students doing this project chose to describe the wearing of turbans. In said project they claim that the reason Sikhs wear turbans is not because of their long hair, but instead they use them to conceal white babies. The students then say that Sikhs go into hospitals and steal white babies and put them under their turbans, then they bring them back to their temples to use as building materials, because Sikh temples are built with the bones of white babies. As the teacher I think this is great and put this information up in the school halls, the faculty does nothing and we only remove it a few days after people complain.

Now obviously that claim is a disgusting racist absurd lie that deserves no quarter in our education system, yet somehow the same logic did not translate in the real case scenario where the people being denigrated were Jews, and that should terrify all Canadians.

The way things are going, the school will give a quasi-apology that skirts the real issue. Many Jews and Jewish organizations will be appeased.  Maybe one teacher will lose his/her job. It may be that some kids and some of their parents will blame the Jews for disrupting their school, or contradicting their teacher, but will it change the minds of these very students, other staff, the person responsible in the first place, families of the students? These kids will go to universities were these antisemitic ideas are ubiquitous these days, which may only reinforce their antisemitism. They will grow up to be our future educators. Rinse, wash, repeat.

This is why it is so important to demand real action and real accountability, because if we let this go, things will only get worse.


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