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Yom Hazikaron, Yom Hatzmahut; We Remember, Now Celebrate Life

The following poem by Seymour Mayne was published in English and translated into Hebrew by the late Moshe Dor, who was the author of the words of the immortal lyric, "Erev Shel Shoshanim." It was included in The Penguin Book of Canadian Verse and was shared by Mayne with CAEF.

Birthday By Seymour Mayne

for Shulamit Nardi

Fallen in the Jewish Wars

a young man who will never age

shares the same prayerful eyes

of ancestors and our common birth

this day of May

—spring's point of no return.

Son and brother still he lies

beneath shrubs and lettered stone.

Though unknown to me his name

is on his father's lips,

his face before his mother.

Today, our day, celebrating

my right hand has not forgotten

the cunning promise of script.

"Birthday"” is a poem dedicated to the late Shulamit Nardi, who served as an advisor on Diaspora affairs for four Presidents of Israel. “"Birthday"” underscores the speaker’'s connection with members of his generation raised in Israel whose fate it was to put themselves forward at great personal cost in defense of the Jewish homeland. The diaspora speaker imagines his Israeli twin and honours his memory - —and sacrifice - —with the words of his poem embedded with Jewish historical memory.

After teaching for decades at universities in Canada and in other countries, Seymour Mayne is Professor Emeritus at the University of Ottawa to which he has been affiliated as a faculty member for fifty years.


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