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Atlanta Israel Coalition - Israel Virtual Tours

The Atlanta Israel Coalition in partnership with the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, the Consulate General of Israel to the Southeastern U.S. Israel in Atlanta, the JCRCA / Jewish Community Relations Council of Atlanta, and the Atlanta Jews of Color Council present Re-Discovering the Land of Israel with the AIC, a series of five virtual tours of Israel with David Sussman Israel Tours. CAEF was a co-sponsor of this series.

1/23/2022 Haifa, the location of Mt Carmel, the Bahai, the Druze and so much more!


Ever hear of the Bahai faith? Well, they are the world's newest monotheistic religion. Their holy place happens to be in Israel too. Not Jerusalem but Haifa. We will meet them, their holy place, and so much more as we travel to Haifa on this tour.

1/09/2022 Eilat, Israel’s port to the East


Israel's port city to Asia has amazing nature, modern history, innovative farming, and some great museums. Yalla, let's head south and discover Eilat.

12/12/2021 Masada, a fortress in the Judean Desert

One of the most popular places to visit in Israel. People from all faiths and walks of life visit this mountain even though there is no mention of it in the bible. Why? We will find out and so much more on this tour as we talk about the final moments of the great revolt and the fall of this desert fortress.

11/28/2021 Ancient Caesarea


Built over 2,000 years ago by King Herod this was the first-ever man-built port. Built to compete with Athens it could fit over a hundred ships at a time. It made Caesarea one of the most important cities along the Mediterranean shore during the Roman period. Let's discover the magic of Caesarea.

Israel's Hula Valley and the Great Bird Migration (11/14/2021)


The Hula Valley divides the Golan Heights from the Naftali Heights and the city of Tzfat. Not only does it boast biblical archeology like Tel Dan but over five million birds pass through it every migration season. We will tour this region during the migration season to discover its national parks, biblical archeology, and of course its beautiful nature.

This tour is the Golan Heights with David Sussman Israel Tours. The Golan is one of Israel’s most scenic areas. It boasts extinct volcanoes, Israel’s largest mountain, sits along the border of Israel, and has a rich Jewish history. This episode also features Major Ya’akov Selevan who will discuss with us the political climate of the Golan Heights.

This tour is “The Old and the New in Tel Aviv/Jaffa”. Described as the city that never sleeps, Tel Aviv is Israel’s financial capital. Let’s discover its roots, beaches, diversity, and the place where Israel’s independence was discovered.

Sunday, May 23rd @10 am - The Artist Colony of Tzfat


Let's walk the winding ally ways of this mystical city together as we tour the city of Kabbalah. We will visit important synagogues, meet local artists, learn about Jewish mysticism from a leading Rabbi, and delve into its history both ancient and modern.

This tour is The Holy City of Hebron. This tour visits the tombs of our Patriarchs and Matriarchs, the ancient stairs and city gates where Abraham purchased the cave to bury Sarah and view 1st & 2nd Temple period ruins.

Today’s tour is The Biblical Heartland of Gush Etzion: This tour visits the Path of the Patriarchs, an ancient mikvah, biblical agriculture, Roman roads, and stunning landscapes.

This virtual tour of the Old City of Jerusalem, led by David Sussman Israel Tours


Participants walk through the streets of all four quarters that make up the Old City. Virtual tourists see the sites and hear the history of the Old City. This tour is engaging for families and people of all ages.

This virtual tour of the Old City of Jerusalem, led by David Sussman Israel Tours, is engaging for families and people of all ages. Participants walk through the streets of the Old City leading up to the Kotel, or Western Wall. Virtual tourists meet local residents of the Old City and discover how they celebrate Hanukkah and watch the official Hanukkah candle-lighting ceremony at the Western Wall.

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