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CAEF Educational Resources



The Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation recommends these unique Educational Resources that integrate the Jewish experience alongside multicultural and curriculum connections. Current events have dictated the need for these resources to counteract misinformation and misunderstandings surrounding Jews in recent years. Here, you’ll discover guidelines for interactive lessons and constructive dialogue as well as creative projects.

These Educational Resources have been made possible by funding from MASPIK/JNF.​

The CAEF Educational Resources are divided into two main sections:


  1. The main resource document, CAEF Jewish Educational Resources.pdf, is a 45-page reference document with books, videos, and lesson suggestions for K-12 students, divided by grade levels, under the topics: Antisemitism, Biographies, Culture and History, Holidays, Holocaust, Israel, and Zionism. These resources also provide an educational reading experience for interested adults, parents and educators outside of the classroom.

  2. The easy-to-use Lesson Plans are designed for you — K-12 educators, librarians, parents, and all interested adults — who believe in inclusion for all students in our schools. The lesson plans are separated for Grades K-6 and Grades 7-12. Using the complex Jewish experience as a base, lessons segue into common concerns so all students will be given the opportunity to engage, share and identify.


Let’s make sure we offer all students, our leaders of tomorrow, knowledge from books, videos and primary, documented historical material, along with the skills they will need for logical thought and respectful debate.

CAEF’s Educational Resources provides a solid framework for K-12 that:


  • Includes documented Jewish experiences in lessons that fan out for multicultural inclusion

  • Provides the groundwork research for lessons that the educator can adapt to their own personal teaching style and students’ needs.

  • Promotes opportunities for students to research, read, write, think, listen, and speak.

  • Offers quotes by great educators and scholars from various backgrounds.

  • Relates contemporary realities of Antisemitism to root causes using primary materials that aim for enlightenment regarding the ability to recognize antisemitic tropes.

  • Follows Ontario curriculum guidelines while offering educators options for curriculum integration through short one-session lessons as well as theme-related longer sessions.

  • Uses valuable picture books as an often-neglected base for further in-depth lessons in all grades.

  • Includes material about the Holocaust, aiming for enlightenment that has both past and current connections.

  • Encourages teachers to use their own creativity and student needs when selecting topics as well as books vs. online choices.

How to Use These Educational Resources


1. Choose a specific topic from the Table of Contents below, found in CAEF Jewish Educational Resources.pdf. Each item is available in the PDF Bookmarks window which allows you to easily hyperlink to that section. Under each main heading, you’ll find books, videos, and lesson ideas. When making a selection you’ll want to consider our grade levels as well as the maturity of your students.

  • Antisemitism

  • Biographies

  • Culture and History

  • Holidays

  • Holocaust

  • Israel

  • Zionism

Most books are available at local libraries and online. Videos can be accessed easily with the links provided. Enjoy!


2. For Lesson Plans Grades K-6, please view Lesson-Plan-Formats-for-K-6.pdf first for our unique interactive approaches, which are numbered, Lesson Plan #1 etc. Then visit the Lesson Plans which include a specific topic and printouts. We recommend you utilize our sample lesson plan on the topic of the Christie Pits Riot which can be used for several grade levels.

  • NOTE: This section remains a work-in-progress and lesson plans will be added shortly.

3. For Lesson Plans Grades 7-12, please view Grades-7-12-Table-of-Contents-and-Lesson-Summaries.pdf first for a full description and summary of the lesson plans available.

  • Full, digitally-accessible Lesson Plans have Teacher’s Guides, Worksheets, and Answer Keys.

Questions? Comments? Please reach out to us at and we will get right back to you.

May is Jewish Heritage Month.


Download our posters

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You can download individual documents, lesson plans, and worksheets below, sorted by grade level. Note that we will be adding more lesson plans as they become available.

You can also click here to download the full set of all CAEF Educational Resources: (125.9 Mb)


CAEF Jewish Educational Resources.pdf (45 pages, 324 Kb)


Lesson Plans Grades K-6 (in process)


Lesson Plans Grades 7-12




Grade 7 Lesson - Bobbie Rosenfeld, Antisemitism and the Olympics

Canadian Jewish Identity: This grade 7 lesson builds on literacy skills as students explore the complexities of identity, perspective and inference from a Jewish perspective.



Grade 8 History Lesson

Jewish Immigration and Identity Through Primary Sources: In this lesson, students are introduced to the concept of primary sources as they analyze a number of sources to understand the Jewish immigrant experience in Canada.


Grade 9 Lesson - Operation Tamar

By reading a short story titled “Operation Tamar”, students identify the different elements of a short story, inferring meaning through quote analysis and identifying the overall moral/theme of the story

Grade 10 Lesson - Judy Feld Carr

This lesson focuses on the historical concept of significance as students analyze the significance of humanitarian Judy Feld Carr and her contribution to Canadian development and identity.

Grade 11 Lesson #1 - Discovering Ancient Israel

This lesson focuses on the origins of Ancient Israel and students also analyze the definition of a civilization.

Grade 11 Lesson #2 - Advertising Ancient Israel

Was Ancient Israel a thriving civilization? Students explore different aspects of Ancient Israel’s civilization such as daily life, religion, politics, and the economy, and determine whether or not Ancient Israel was a thriving civilization.  Students are introduced to an assignment where they create a brochure advertising a particular aspect of Ancient Israel.

Grade 11 Lesson #3 - Tensions and Invasions in Ancient Israel

What Caused the Downfall of Ancient Israel? Through an interactive slideshow, students will learn the different factors which caused the downfall of Ancient Israel.


Grades 11-12 Lesson Plans

Through a variety of different resources (videos, Google slides, resource sheets and an interactive map activity), students explore how the concept of the nation-state impacted Middle East politics.

CAEF acknowledges and thanks the following contributors to this project:

  • Sydell Waxman, Education Committee Chair, researcher and author of the CAEF Education Resources document and Lesson Plans for grades K-6, consultant for Lesson Plans for grades 7-12

  • Beth Akler, educator and author of Lesson Plans for grades 7-12

  • David Stambler, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, and Online Content Manager


Others who have contributed: Evelyn Jacobs, Anne Dublin, and Andria Spindel.

Resources last updated on August 30, 2023.

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