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Israel and Kashmir: On the Front Lines Against Extremism - December 8, 2019

Extremist ideology and violence is affecting many countries and communities.  Many people are aware of the threats posed by Jihadi terrorists to the nation of Israel, but the Hindus in Kashmir have also long suffered from the perpetrators of this evil ideology.  This is not the only form of extremism at work though.

Radical campus groups and phony “civil rights” groups are used by the instigators of these conflicts to push their Islamo-fascist narrative into the West.  For example, the rabidly antisemitic organization, Canadian Defenders for Human Rights (CD4HR), involved in the recent violence at York University, has tried to shut down this event.


Most people are not aware of how these issues are affecting Canadian society.  Two informed speakers, Daniel Bordman and Vidya Bhushan Dhar, will highlight the threats to Canadian society by Islamic extremists and how this is enabled by the media.

CAEF and partners are presenting this important topic and urge attendance.  Share this notice, forward to others, post on Facebook.

For more information about the Hindu Kashmir story, and why Zionists should support India, read here.

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