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Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation (CAEF) is a registered Canadian charitable organization, incorporated in 2004, and operated as Speakers Action Group until 2019.  For two decades, CAEF has provided Canadians with programs to bridge understanding across ethno-racial and faith communities, to see the humanity in all, and to confront discrimination, including racism and antisemitism.

Today, there is a new form of antisemitism in many countries and it is well documented in the language of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA)'s working definition of antisemitism.  The new definition points to the double standard being applied to Israel alone among all the nations of the world -- judging everything the Jewish country does through a distorted prism.  Antisemites try to demonize Israel with false claims of apartheid, when in fact it is the only country in the Middle East and North Africa, Iran included, in which women, gays, and minorities are equal before the law, have equal rights of citizenship and are represented in all aspects of society.


The denigration and de-legitimization of Israel and Israelis follows the pattern invoked by the Nazis in Germany, which they spread across the countries they conquered:  first denigrate with words, then isolate and delegitimize, and finally destroy.  Well, Israel will not be isolated or destroyed, and the words used by our enemies will be countered with facts and with truth.


Mission Statement


Fighting antisemitism (Jew hatred) with education, interfaith relations, and advocacy is the hallmark of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation (CAEF).

CAEF works with allies in all communities, which respect freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the rule of law, and everyone’s rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, to end discrimination, racism, and Jew hatred wherever it occurs.

CAEF exposes the dangers of AntiZionism which are Antisemitism, promotes Jewish Rights to the Land of Israel, and Debunks the many Arab Palestinian Lies.


CAEF provides educational lectures, panel discussions, seminars and conferences, often in partnership with other organizations.  During the pandemic virtual webinars have been presented featuring experts on many topics of related to antisemitism, Israel, Black-Jewish relations, Muslim-Jewish relations, Jewish Heritage, Western values, and more. All webinar videos as well as previously recorded programs are available on our website.


Internationally recognized experts have included Melanie Philips, Dr. Mordechai Kedar, Dr. Jacques Gauthier, The Honourable Irwin Cotler, Dr. Martin Sherman, Leo Adler, Dr. Salim Mansur, Raheel Raza, Dr. Asaf Romirowsky, Gerard Filitti, Brooke Goldstein, Philippe Karsenty, Sacha Roytman-Dratwa, David Lange, and more.


  • CAEF responds to current events, and celebrates Israel and the Zionist project.

  • CAEF comments on issues of today affecting the Jewish people and the State of Israel, and produces regular Bulletins to share with subscribers, donors and friends.  Bulletins and other information are posted on our website.

  • CAEF advocates for truth and fairness in responding to information about Israel in policies of governments and in the public square. From time to time, CAEF may issue a petition to bring an issue forward. We remain non-partisan.


The CAEF organization is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors which develops and promotes strategies to combat antisemitism and racism, enhance cross-cultural awareness and build effective coalitions for action.


Anita Bromberg, President

Anita Bromberg is a lawyer, and member of the Ontario bar. She is a frequent spokesperson, lecturer, trainer and media representative on topical issues related to racialized communities. A court recognized expert on racism and extremism, she has also instituted and participated in numerous intercultural outreach and educational initiatives.

Anita is presently the Executive Director of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, a Canadian Crown Agency dedicated to eliminating racism and maintaining harmonious relations across diverse communities. Previously, she was the National Director of Legal Affairs for B'nai Brith Canada and human rights coordinator for their League of Human Rights, responsible for the legal initiatives of the organization’s advocacy efforts and for the operation of B’nai Brith’s Anti-Hate Hotline and its annual report on racism. 

Anita also served on the advisory cabinet of Faith Canada150 cabinet which celebrated the multitude of religious traditions that have contributed to Canada.

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Irving Weisdorf, Past President


Irving is a graduate in Political Science and Economics from the University of Toronto. His studies took him to both France and Mexico, following which he spent three years in Israel.  On return to Canada he started his own business, but maintained his connections with and love for Israel. 

Since becoming increasingly concerned about negative public opinion bashing Israel, Irving took on many initiatives; he engaged a Jerusalem PR firm to develop a plan that might help turn the tide, founded The Mozuud Freedom Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, to campaign for the rights of persecuted minorities in the Middle East and the rights of Jews in Israel, and other just causes. He provided significant funds to support the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation and served as President and CEO for several years.  He continues to focus on AntiZionism -- the new Antisemitism, along with Debunking the Palestinian myth of the Occupation, and is Co-Chair of Canadians for Israel's Legal Rights.

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Sean Egan, Director

Sean was born in Toronto, and grew up in Winnipeg. He has a B.Sc. and PhD from the University of Manitoba. He did a postdoctoral fellowship at the Whitehead Institute/MIT and then spent a year studying in London, England at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund/London Research Institute before joining SickKids Hospital in 1993 as a research scientist.      

Sean’s work is focused on identifying the network of mutations that cooperate to induce cancer in cells from several organs. design combination therapies, which should be more effective than single agent therapy. His personal interests include studying history, specifically the history of the Jewish people, for as he states, “I am not Jewish, but I find their story to be inspiring.”

Sean is an active member of the Board of Directors and the Steering Committee of CAEF.

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Carrie Katz, Director

Carrie Katz was president of both Ort Toronto and Ort Canada.


A former Montrealer, she was the founding member of Montreal Career Women’s Network as well as co-chair of Taste of the Nation.


Carrie was co owner of Origami Plus.

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Judith Weinroth, Director


Judith Weinroth, BSc, MSc, MD was born, raised and educated in Toronto. She is retired from a gratifying career as a GP Oncologist and Psychotherapist.


Her love of Judaism and Israel was nurtured by her parents Rebbetzin Laura z’l and Rabbi Erwin Schild, and by her teachers at the Associated Hebrew Day School and the Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto, where she was a member of the first graduating class.


Judith has been a volunteer for many organizations, highlighted by her serving several terms as a member of the Board of Governors and Executive of Adath Israel Congregation. Judith has joined CAEF because of her concern about growing antisemitism and anti-Zionism locally and world-wide. She wants to do her part to ensure that her 10 grandchildren will grow up in a safe society where they can be proud Jews and Zionists.


Shirley Anne Haber, Founder and Board Advisor

Founding President of Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation and a former teacher, Shirley Anne Haber has worked to combat anti-Semitism and gain support for Israel at a time when increasing Jew-hatred was on the rise. Appalled by the Arab terror attacks against Israel during the Second Intifada on the eve of Rosh Hashanah September 2000, Shirley Anne founded The Media Action Group to fight the misinformation in the media through letter writing campaigns to media and government. She founded CAEF in 2004 to educate the community with facts and knowledge to be more effective in fighting antisemitism and anti-Zionism under the name, The Speakers Action Group, which hosted a roster of knowledgeable speakers on critical topics. Shirley Anne has been honoured and received many awards for her efforts. She continues to be actively involved as an Advisor to the organization.

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Jeff Dorfman, Treasurer


Jeff is a former Vancouverite and graduate of UBC. He is a businessman, and Director of a company that specializes in foreign currency exchange. Jeff has a passion for Judaism and Zionism, and has imbued this in his children. He joined CAEF in 2021 and is eager to help educate the next generation to feel as he does and to defend Israel and combat antisemitism.


Andria Spindel, M.S.W., LLD, Honoris Causa, joined the organization in January 2019, to provide professional services in governance and management. Andria has over 40 years experience as an executive in nonprofit charitable organizations and  will help develop a strategic direction for the organization, enhance board development,  and work with our Steering Committee and other committees to bring interesting and innovative programs to our community.




Fighting antisemitism and other ethnic hatreds through education has been the overarching mission since CAEF’s inception in 2004.  This is addressed by presenting expert speakers for public and for private events.  Speakers cover a host of topics, from the history of the Jewish state and the legal rights of the Jewish people, to free speech, the rule of law, persecution of minorities, and the Palestinian Arab lies about an “Occupation” – sometimes referring to the West Bank and sometimes referring to all of Israel. 



CILR was founded in 2009 by the late Salomon Benzimra and Goldi Steiner, to educate Jewish youth and the general public about Israel’s Legal Rights under International Law. This effort has been ongoing ever since, and includes the publication and dissemination of a short expert book, The Jewish People’s Rights to the Land of Israel, by projects in Israel, a regular bulletin and various events.  In 2019, CILR joined CAEF as an ongoing project.

Goldi Steiner, CILR Founder and Co-Chair, and Project Manager


Prior to co-founding CILR with the late Salomon Benzimra, Goldi was on the board of directors of the Canadian Society for Yadvashem,  and co-chair of the Education Committee which sent teachers to the International School of Holocaust Studies in Jerusalem.  She was a catalyst for the Yad Vashem Memorial erected at the Earl Bales Park, and chaired the Wallenberg Memorial Committee.

In 2010 Goldi co-organized the 90th Commemoration of the San Remo Conference with the European Coalition for Israel’s Tomas Sandel.  The same year she attended the inauguration in Washington of the Friends of Israel Initiative.

For the past ten years Goldi has been devoted to educating students and the public in general about Israel’s Legal Rights, arming them with tools to fight Antisemitism, and to stand up against the mounting ‘occupation’ and other lies.

Website: www.israelslegalrights.org

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CFB 100's mission, leading up to and following the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration on November 2, 2017, was to join with like-minded groups to educate the world - and, particularly Jewish youth - about the irrefutable legal rights that emerged from the Balfour Declaration as incorporated in the San Remo agreement and the Mandate for Palestine, notwithstanding the implacable distortion of history by those bent on the destruction of the Jewish State.  This projected resulted in the dramatization of the history of the Jewish people, in a musical theatrical production - The Reality of the Impossible Dream, that was presented several times in Toronto.


Website: www.canadiansforbalfour100.org