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AJH Calls on Politicians to Stand Against Antisemitism; Jew hatred on display on the 401


DECEMBER 28, 2021

The following is a statement from The Working Group Against Jew-Hatred:

The Working Group Against Jew-Hatred (AJH) Calls on Ontario’s Politicians to Stand in Solidarity Against Antisemitism

THORNHILL, ON - The Working Group Against Jew-Hatred (AJH) was recently made aware of banners hanging over an overpass on the 401 in Mississauga on December 26, 2021. The banners stated “Honk Your Horns for Palestine”, “Boycott Divest Sanction”, “Weapons Ban on Israel”, “Jesus is from Palestine” and “Lift the Siege on Gaza”.

The organization putting on the demonstration, “GPM - GTA Palestine Movement'', was also behind the November 12th protest at Marc Garneau Institute where highly-charged language was used advocating for what many interpret as “the destruction of the State of Israel.”

While we all appreciate the importance of free speech in an open society, it is hurtful for any group to use factually and historically inaccurate information to demonize an entire community.

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Working Definition of Antisemitism has been adopted by the Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada. According to the IHRA definition, the statements made at the demonstration promote BDS and are antisemitic.

In addition to the links to antisemitism, the demonstration above Canada’s busiest highway represents a distraction and danger to motorists and pedestrians, and we question whether it is in violation of the Province of Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act. The Working Group AJH is asking the Province of Ontario, the Region of Peel and the City of Mississauga to immediately investigate and inform us whether any Highway Traffic Act regulations, regional and/or municipal bylaws were breached.

We call on all Ontario politicians, from all levels of government, to speak out against hatred and intolerance against Ontario’s Jewish community. If any laws were potentially broken by this demonstration of Jew hatred, all levels of government should ensure a proper investigation is conducted.


For more information, please contact:

Becky Battat | | 905-731-8462

About the Working Group Against Jew-Hatred (AJH)

The Working Group Against Jew-Hatred (AJH) is a group of grassroot organizations concerned with the rise of antisemitism in Ontario.

Our Members:


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