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CAEF/End Jew Hatred Canada shares “Shine A Light” video, featuring leaders and influencer

Dear Friends,

End Jew Hatred Canada, an initiative of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation is a proud partner of “Shine A Light on Antisemitism,” a groundbreaking initiative from the Jewish Federations of North America.

“Shine A Light” coincides with Chanukah. The goal is to coordinate media exposure, policy announcements, education, and simultaneous communal expressions of solidarity - to Shine a Light on Antisemitism.

The End Jew Hatred movement was tasked with making a “Shine A Light” video, featuring community leaders and influencers from across the globe. A CAEF spokesperson is included.

Please share it widely during Chanukah. Together, we can Shine A Light.

Every day We are shining a light on antisemitism, exposing bigotry and hate, sharing the truth about Israel and Jewish history in the Land of our Forefathers and mothers. We are educating MPs, MPPs, and Senators, school trustees and teachers, students, media and faith communities.

Through End Jew Hatred Canada we expose the antisemites, and defend Jewish civil rights.

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You can find our video on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE!

Wishing you a Happy Chanukah!


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