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CAEF Letter to City News

It is astonishing that an antisemitic reporter has been allowed to air hostile, biogoted lies about Israel, without discipline or condemnation from the employer at OMNI TV. Farah Mustapha established herself as an antisemite when she signed an open letter declaring her belief that the Jewish state of Israel was conducting attacks on innocent "Palestinians", and committing indiscriminate airstrikes. Calling the land of Israel "occupied territory" calls for its eradication and that is a call for genocide!

Ms Musapha is ignorant of history and international law and a cog in the wheel of Jew hatred that is rolling down on Canadian society. Her recent program with Le Trio Joubran is explicitly antisemitic and some of the musicians' comments ought to have been openly challenged. These ISRAELI born musicians are not from any country called Palestine as no such country has ever existed. They are beneficiaries of a democratic, free, multi faith rule of law country called Israel and that is the real story.

That the governments of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas want to eliminate all Jews, the true inheritors of the Nazi killing machine, is self evident. It is time that City TV, OMNI and Rogers Media all adopted the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism and educated all staff to comply with it. Anything less leads to the kind of tropes and hatred on display in Mustapha's recent program.

Andria Spindel

Executive Director Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation


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