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CAEF Letter to PM Trudeau and Minister Joly re Vetting of Guests to Parliament and Holocaust Records

September 27, 2023

Hon. Prime Minister Justine Trudeau

Hon. Melanie Joly, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Re: Vetting of Guests to Parliament and Holocaust Records

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister Joly,

The Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation welcomes the news that the Speaker of the House, Anthony Rota, has taken responsibility for the debacle of hosting and celebrating a known Nazi war vet in the Canadian parliament, and resigned. But it does not end our concern about the government’s actions by any means.

This is a national embarrassment with international consequences - one which impacts every Canadian - not just the Jewish community.

Prime Minister Trudeau, as leader of the country, you must take responsibility for this international incident, noting it has offended our allies, both Ukraine and Poland, weakened our image as a defender of human rights and subjected the Jewish community to great pain.

Moving forward, there must be a full review as to procedures and protocol when inviting individuals into the seat of Canadian government to be honoured or as observing guests.

The incident highlights the need for full release of the Duchene Commission Final Report on Canada’s actions in following WWII, in regards to the acceptance of the perpetrators and collaborators of the Nazis’ genocide. We call on the government to release this report and all other information related to the Holocaust in the name of accountability.

The Federal Department of Justice must undertake a full review as to whether a denaturalization process is in order in relation to the entry into Canada of this individual. The integrity of Canadian citizenship requires an answer to the obvious question. Did Hunka fully disclose all the circumstances of his wartime activities?

We eagerly await your response.


Anita Bromberg


cc. Michael Chong, CPC Foreign Affairs Critic

Melissa Lantsman, CPC Deputy Leader


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