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CIJR and CILR present "Israel and The World" featuring Professor F. Krantz, moderated by Barbara Kay

Israel, despite its strength as a military force and nuclear power, relies heavily on its ally, the U.S. How supportive is the Biden Administration of Israel today? Regionally, Iran is about to become a nuclear power. Globally, both the Ukraine-Russian war and an increasingly expanding China, pose real threats to Israel’s security. Could Israel be plunged into a larger emerging global conflict?

Professor Frederick Krantz is the founder and Director of the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research (CIJR). He taught in the Department of History at Duke and Concordia Universities. He has written numerous books and articles on European and Jewish history, antisemitism and the Holocaust. Professor Krantz helped organize the first Jewish Studies conference in Moscow in the former Soviet Union.

Barbara Kay (moderator/QA) has been an opinion columnist for the National Post since 2003, and as well writes a regular column for the Epoch Times. She has written or co-written four books. Her latest, with principal writer Linda Blade, is “Unsporting: How trans activism and science denial are destroying sport."


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