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End Jew Hatred Report - Issue 3, Stop the Occupation Lie, Stop Hamas and PA Abuse of Children

End Jew Hatred Report - Issue 3

August 6, 2021

Anti-Israel Bias in the House

Salma Zahid, MP for Scarborough Centre and a Member of the Liberal Caucus, is sponsoring a petition drafted by Karen Rodman, an ordained United Church Minister and founder/voluntary Executive Director, Just Peace Advocates/Mouvement pour une Paix Juste, a group supposedly dedicated to the rights of Palestinian children, but seemingly more dedicated to creating and spreading lies about Israel. The petition has accused Israel of misdeeds and maltreatment towards Palestinian children. Petition e-3312 is reflective of the usual malicious lies about Israel that are generated to demonize Israel and isolate her in the international community.

If the organization that Ms Rodman represents had any real concern for Arab Palestinian children she would be briefing the government on the use of children as human shields by Hamas, the education in hatred approved and delivered by the Palestinian Authority, the pure Jew hatred that engulfs the Palestinian Arab children in all grades in UNRWA schools, where the existence of Israel can’t even be found on a school map, and kids are encouraged to be jihadists, thus endangering their lives. UNRWA schools are “educating” kids who can’t distinguish between good and evil, between truth and fiction, between historical reality and political narrative.

While the Palestinian Authority has almost entirely eliminated the presence of Christian communities within its jurisdiction, and eradicated any evidence of Jewish history and presence in the Jewish historical homeland, the government of Israel has contributed to the expansion of both Christianity and Islam, the only Jewish country in the world. Israel has built over 400 mosques since its re-constitution as the Jewish nation state while the PA has destroyed synagogues and ancient Biblical and archaeological sites.

Here is how the petition is summed up:

“We, the undersigned, residents of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to call for an urgent study by the Subcommittee on International Human Rights of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development to review Israel’s treatment of children in Israeli occupied Palestine and compliance with its obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.”

What we know

There is no country called Palestine! Israel is not “occupying” any country!

Children in Gaza are under the rule of Hamas, a terrorist organization which uses children as human shields. Children in Gaza are sent to summer camps from ages as early as 4 and taught to bear arms and are radicalized to kill Israelis. Children in Gaza are kept from bomb shelters when the IDF are retaliating after rockets are fired on Israel, because all the imported building supplies are used by Hamas to build terror tunnels, not shelters, homes or hospitals. Neither the PA nor Hamas are interested in the safety of their citizens. Children in Gaza and PA controlled areas are denied a proper education because the teaching materials provided by UNRWA are rife with Jew hatred, lies about Israel, denial of history and false claims about Arab history and rights. Children in Gaza are killed by misfired Gazan rockets and their deaths are used in propaganda against Israel.

Palestinian Arab children in Arab communities located in Judea, Samaria and the eastern side of Jerusalem are fed constant lies on Palestinian Authority controlled media, encouraged to violence against Jews and fed propaganda that Israel is an illegal settler colony. Their leader, Mohamad Abbas has a PhD in revisionist history, blaming the victims for the Holocaust which massacred 6,000,000 Jews; the title of this bigot’s thesis is "The Other Side: The Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism," so is it any wonder the people are brainwashed into hating Jews?

In the disputed territories (there is no State of Palestine no matter what the beliefs of Rev Rodman and MP Sahid,) every type of antisemitism is found in textbooks and teachers’ manuals used in all grades supplied by the PA. These are used by UNRWA in all their schools. Children in PA controlled areas have been denied access to medical care in Israel, when it suits the PA, yet the PA leadership itself takes advantage of the best care Israel offers when they need it. The PA does not provide the best care because instead of funding good health care, as is their responsibility under the Oslo Accords, they fund terrorists and their families for life under their pay-for-slay program. Kill a Jew and get a lifetime pension from the PA!

Palestinian Arab Children are indeed mistreated, but not by Israelis. It is the Palestinian Arab governments which mistreat the Arab children under their ruthless, antisemitic, terror-oriented regimes.

This petition is worse than egregious, it is a host of lies, and purely antisemitic. Its intent is to demonize Israel, where Arab Muslims and Christians, Jews, Druze and all children have access to appropriate juvenile justice services. Those living in the disputed territories are not tortured or mistreated by Israel, but will be held accountable for terrorism and crimes against Israelis.

What is Needed

The esteemed member for Scarborough Centre should replace her antisemitic baseless petition with a resolution that: Canada investigate the use of children as human shields in Gaza and as child bombers and rock throwers, under the PA. The Canadian government should take a keen interest in the abuse of Arab children who are recruited as child soldiers by the Hamas terrorist militia, which considers them adults when only 16 or 17. It is imperative that the abuse of Arab Palestinian children under both the PA and Hamas is investigated as they are denied the rights of children as defined by the International UN Declaration on the Rights of Children.

Editor, Doris Epstein

End Jew Hatred Canada is a citizens’ movement of Jews and allies combatting the world’s oldest hatred.

Produced by the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation


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