On May 21, I attended a lecture titled “Alarming Truths: Subversion and Security Threats to Our Society” delivered by the US strategic policy and intelligence expert Clare Lopez, a former operations officer with the CIA (the event was organized by Toronto’s Speakers Action Group).

It wasn’t a cheery event – the whole point of the lecture was to explain the threats we are facing as a society and to warn that many of us choose to ignore them at our own peril. There was something ominous in the dark picture of imminent danger painted by Clare Lopez through dozens of facts. That ominous feeling took a shape the next day when two Muslim savages beheaded a British soldier in London. It showed the inevitable result of our refusal to deal with the threats.

Clare Lopez covered most of the same topics that Pamela Geller talked in Toronto over a week ago. However, the delivery was very different – they spoke about the same Islamic cancer, but Pamela talked with the emotion of a family member discussing the cancer of a relative. Clare, on the other hand, sounded more like a physician clinicly describing the advancement of the same cancer, but of course the troubling impact on the listeners was the same.

She specifically stated that all the facts she shared were publicly accessible (for those willing to look for them), there was nothing classified.

Clare said in the beginning that the main problem we deal with is one of the basic pillars of Islam – jihad. It is the foundation of the activities of the “axis of jihad” – Iran, Hezbollah and al-Qaeda. Jihad is an obligatory action for all Muslims everywhere and in every era, which will end only when all the world is under Allah rule alone.

A lot has been written to figure out what we have done to deserve the Muslim hatred. Writers and journalists have been looking for years to find our shortcomings as a society. The sad truth is that the reason is our very existence, they see a dangerous influence of the free societies, which stands in the way of the universal Caliphate and shariah law. Jihad , as a tool of that offensive, is global, organized and encompasses nation states and sub-national groups. The mission is to overthrow non-shariah governments by force, targeting all “enemies” regardless of there they are. There is absolutely nothing we can do to accommodate Muslims demands other than complete surrender.

Islamists had always been very open about those goals. Al-Zawahiri said shortly after Obama was elected that he will be facing a jihadi awakening Renaissance, which is shaking the foundations of the Muslim world.

The threat is complex, dangerous and affects the whole world. In order to confront it, a long-term counter jihad strategy is urgently required. It should include education, understanding, and acknowledgement and will not be effective without an integrated international socio-political plan covering all diplomatic, economic, intelligence, legal, and military aspects of the problem.

At this time in history the main forces pushing jihad are Iran, Hezbollah, and Al-Qaeda, which work very actively and their attack is imminent in North America, as the intelligence sources show.

The jihad indoctrination starts at an early age. It is common to teach Muslim children at schools and mosques to hate. Clare Lopez gave an example with curriculum from a Toronto Imam that taught jihad warfare and Islamic Jew-hatred. Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi supports interfaith dialogue and at the same time demands death for apostasy and child marriage. The curriculum is derived directly from the Koran, Sunna, and sharia. That is the result of multiculturalism and cultural relativism.

There was a similar case at Lady Evelyn Alternative School (Ottawa), which used Farsi language textbooks authorized by the Iranian Ministry of Education. They glorified child ‘martyrdom’ and anti-Semitism. What must be done in such cases? Many people, even Muslims, have taken notice and reported that curriculum to school boards and the RCMP.

That extremist Muslim infection has affected even the government institutions. Recently free speech has been under fire in Canada: on May 13 a speech by Pamela Geller at Thornhill Synagogue was cancelled by the rabbi after York police threatened his chaplain position. The officer who did that was responsible for diversity, equity and inclusion, yet that didn’t include free speech.

The accusations against Pamela Geller were totally baseless. Lopez said that it’s enough to recall Aqsa Pervez (the Canadian honour killing victim) and what Pamela did in her memory. Even though her initiative for a memorial was refused because ISNA owns all plots in Meadowvale Cemetery in Brampton, Ontario, the memorial was finally placed in a lovely grove in Israel.

CAIR-Canada is one of the main organizations battling for shariah in Canada. In November 2012, CAIR-Canada’s Amira Elghawaby (author, journalist, teacher, and Muslim Brotherhood operative) urged Muslims to use the Canadian multiculturalism and non-discrimination laws to defeat the Canadian secular legal system and insinuate shariah instead.

We are the target – the Islamic jihad presence throughout the Americas reflects Iranian regime policy to export revolution. That happened over many years and through several organizations. In 1980s-1990s Hezbollah rode vector of Lebanese Shiite emigration to South America. In the 2000s Iran’s diplomatic initiatives opened new opportunities for terror ties to cartels, gangs, and organized crime. The threat is not hypothetical, it is mature, robust, and is here now.

Iran is the focus of tension and threat across the Middle East through many different actions: nuclear weapons program; terror sponsorship; genocide threats vs. Israel; arming, funding, training Iraqi terror; narcotics trade and Taliban support in Afghanistan.

Its purpose is to influence Western governments, buy time for a nuclear program, increase geopolitical influence, and confront Israel. Its immediate objectives in the USA are to avoid harsh, coercive m