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Jewish Woman Punched in the Face

Do Canadians not realize that the hate for Israel amongst the pro-Palestinian mass that is covering our streets with bile messages, threatening the safety of Jews and spreading noxious lies, is anti-Canadian? The “protesters” are not demonstrating to save the lives of innocent Arabs but to take the lives of innocent Jews. They have made it abundantly clear, when they wave Hamas flags, that they support terrorism, and that means, support for burning babies alive, killing and dismembering women and children, raping and dragging girls and young women through the streets of Gaza, and more, putting even the Nazis to shame.

And yes, they threaten Canadians of all persuasions, faiths, and colours, because they abhor liberty, resent freedom of speech, do not support civil liberties for all including rights for LGBTQ+ people, and they mock diversity, equity and inclusion, the philosophy that has given them exactly that—full rights and inclusion.

On October 29th at about 4pm the massive pro-Palestinian crowd that marched north on University Blvd, encountered a phalanx of police, ensuring they could not bring their protest to Queen’s Park. They were stopped at the south side of College Street. Across the street, on the north side, standing alone, holding a Canadian flag and a poster of an Israeli hostage, held by the terrorist marauders Hamas, stood Olga Goldberg, a Jewish Canadian who had stood with Iranian dissidents an hour earlier, at a very peaceful protest calling on the federal government to list the IRGC as a terrorist entity. She said nothing, she displayed only these two symbols—one signifying her love and loyalty to Canada, and the other her pain and compassion for a young person held hostage by ideologically blinded Jew haters.

In a seeming flash, she was surrounded by kaffiyeh wearing pro-Palestinians who punched her in the face, ripped up the poster, grabbed the flag and stomped on it. The message they sent is clear, and it isn’t about peace, ending a war, caring about Arab lives. It was about hating Canadians, hating Canada and hating Jews. In one fell swoop, they expressed their true mission.

Olga before:

Olga after:


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