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Letter from Doris Epstein to National Post re You can’t beat cancel culture with cancel culture

December 7, 2023

Instead of disparaging Toronto city councillor James Pasternak, for trying to shut down the talk at the Toronto Reference library by a “rabid anti-Zionist, activist” Norman Finkelstein, and “Marxist economist”, Christian Parenti, journalist Chris Selley should have congratulated Pasternak. He is one of the very few of our political leaders, to speak out against the people that are fueling the skyrocketing Antisemitism that erupted across Canada and the rest of the world, after the savage attack by Hamas on Israel on October 7.

Freedom of speech is not infinite. We do not have carte blanche to express misinformation, hatred and intimidation. We are not allowed to yell “fire” where there is none. Otherwise human rights and the rule of law are under threat.

Doris Epstein


The Canadian Institute for Jewish Research

Toronto, ON

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