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Letter to Chair Danko: Concerns re Trustee Sabreina Dahab's support for anti-Israel campaigns

Dawn Danko


Hamilton Wentworth District School Board

20 Education Court

Hamilton, ON L9A OB9

Re: Sabreina Dahab - Association with Holocaust Denial Group

We are writing to bring to your attention a disturbing association between Sabreina Dahab and a group calling itself "toronto4palestine".

On October 11, 2023, this group posted on Instagram the following message:

This group is one of the sponsors of the "All Out for Palestine" rally scheduled for October 15.

Yesterday, Trustee Dahab posted the message below on X:

It is a very serious matter that a sitting Trustee of your Board would be publicly associating herself, even indirectly, with an organization that engages in Holocaust denial. Clearly, such an association would be a violation of the dignity of the office of Trustee and a breach of the Trustee Code of Conduct. Additionally, she is supporting the Hamas terrorist regime that operates in Gaza by virtue of supporting these protests organized by Hamas supporting organizations that falsely claim Israel occupies Gaza which it left in 2005.

We respectfully request that you make immediate inquiries and if necessary, commence a complaint/investigation process.

Best regards,

Andria Spindel

Executive Director

Anita Bromberg


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