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Minority Of One: The Unchaining Of An Arab Mind Kindle Edition by Hussein Aboubakr Mansour

Review: A Personal Encounter with Terror, Extremism, Love and Salvation, by Andria Spindel

Beautifully written, passionately told, terrorizingly frightening is the biography of Hussein Abubakr Mansour. The author’s quest for knowledge of things forbidden to his people, by his people, creates a life of secrets and dangers. Yet, his intellectual curiosity and mastery of languages brings him joy, friendships, and sometimes serenity. The author’s personal conflict includes religious conflict, political conflict, and the battle of good over evil. His story is gripping and illuminating. I was astonished at Hussein’s survival as a compassionate, insightful, and empathic human being given his trials. He triumphs. I recommend this book for adults young and old, for those wanting to understand the Middle Eastern trauma, for folks who love Israel and the Jewish people, and those just curious about them, and I sincerely recommend it to young Muslim men who seek ways of peace.


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