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Press Release Announcing End Jew Hatred Canada

Today we have exciting news to announce. End Jew Hatred is expanding! Following successful talks we are delighted to let you know we have grown beyond the United States.

End Jew Hatred is now active in Canada.

We are launching End Jew Hatred Canada with the first chapter in Ontario. The new chapter was put together by the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation (CAEF) with the support of Jewish organizations and activists in Canada who have been following our work. They are committed to our vision and enthusiastic about our model of grassroots community organizing.

We are also thrilled to announce that CAEF are coming on board as a partner of End Jew Hatred. This means they are pledged to support our manifesto and are committing to coordinating with us to tackle Jew Hatred across Canada.

Since 2004 CAEF has provided Canadians with programs to bridge understanding across ethno-racial and faith communities, to see the humanity in all, and to confront discrimination. They focus on education about contemporary forms of Jew hatred and provide expert speakers on related topics to events across the country.

Empowering local activists to mobilize under the banner of End Jew Hatred Canada without waiting for central orders is a core part of our strategy. We welcome the support from Canada and look forward to working with them to successfully push back against Jew Hatred. As End Jew Hatred's involvement in Canada grows we will continue to update you.

If you are anyone you know is connected with an organization which wants to get more involved with End Jew Hatred Canada, get in touch at We are growing all the time and are happy to arrange a meeting to discuss collaboration. Everyone is encouraged to sign up; add Canada in message


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