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The End Jew Hatred Report Issue 9

May 2, 2022


“…antisemitism did not die at Aushwitz. It remains the bloody canary in the mineshaft of global evil today, toxic to democracies and an assault on our common humanity,” stated Irwin Cotler, Canada’s Special Envoy on Preserving Holocaust Remembrance and Combatting Antisemitism.

Around the world, antisemitism is at a record high. There is a global surge of antisemitic acts, assaults and violence. In Canada, the Jewish community leads the list of minorities subjected to hate crimes.

Much of this surge is tied to the wave of attacks on Israel by Palestinian Arab terrorists from Gaza in May 2021. It spilled over onto the streets of Canada in multiple anti-Israel protests that resulted in violence in many cities. Cars roamed Jewish areas flying Hamas flags, looking for Jews to hunt down and harass. All scarcely noted in the main media.

In Israel a recent string of attacks by Palestinian Arabs murdered 14 Israeli citizens. Palestinian Arabs gloated and celebrated. Even in Canada, an Arab language newspaper praised the killings.

Palestinian Arab leaders continue to use the UN’s bias against Israel to try to delegitimize and undermine the Jewish State. The UN continues to fund the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) to the tune of $116 billion, given with no conditions. Fifty eight per cent goes to “education” – schools which indoctrinate Palestinian Arab children to hate Israelis and encourages them to perpetuate a culture of violence. Teachers and text books are antisemitic and call for the elimination of Israel. UNRWA also funds television and radio which are equally antisemitic and Israel hating.

Children, are sent to UNRWA summer camps where they are trained to shoot guns, fire missiles and stab Israeli Jews. The education system indoctrinates the next generation for total war.

In 1975, the UN passed its “Zionism is racism” resolution, resulting in decades of attacks on the Jewish people for daring to have their own legal, morally, and historically justified homeland.

In 2001 it sponsored a world conference against racism in Durban, South Africa, which turned into a horrible living nightmare of antisemitism which reverberates to this day.

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has lost its credibility. Many of its 47 members are themselves human rights abusers; China, Venezuela, Pakistan, Sudan, Libya. But only Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East is targeted for human rights violations.

In 2021, UNHRC established a new “Commission of Inquiry on the Occupied Palestine Territories”. It will have an annual budget of five million dollars and 20 to 24 staff. Its mission is totally one sided; it will focus only on the evils of Israel. The fact that Israel is under attack by Palestinian Arab terrorists is ignored. Anne Bayevsky, Toronto native and international lawyer, calls it “the most hostile and dangerous anti-Israel body the UN has ever created”.

On March 31st, UNHRC appointed Italian lawyer Francesca Albanese, the next “Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories.” She openly calls Israel an apartheid state and repeatedly compares the Palestinian Arab situation to the Nazi Holocaust. Her mandate is to investigate solely “Israel’s violations.”

Canada’s Ambassador to the UN, Bob Rae, expressed his concern in a letter to B’nai Brith Canada. “Canada shares some of the concerns expressed in your letter–regarding the Commission’s scope, unprecedented ongoing nature, and budget in numerous settings”. He was responding to a B’nai B’rith letter, urging reform of the UNHRC and removal of the newly appointed Commission of Inquiry Chair, Navi Pillay who is notorious for her brazen anti- Israel bias. Bayesky refers to it as “Pillay’s Pogrom”.

The UN is not a solution; it is a problem. Israeli statesman, Dore Gold wrote,”Its supposed impartiality has repeatedly taken the side of the aggressors and helped spread not peace and justice, but global chaos”.

Canada must call out the wrongs being perpetuated at the UN. It’s time for the international community to hold the UN to account. The once hope of the world is broken.

Doris Strub Epstein, Editor

Copyright ©, End Jew Hatred Canada

End Jew Hatred Canada is the Jewish civil rights movement, fighting for freedom from bigotry, and oppression that denigrates our people, our homeland, our culture. Jew hatred threatens our safety and Canada’s thriving democracy. It comes from all forms of extremism. There is no justice without truth.

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