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The Jewish People’s Rights to the Land of Israel (JPRLI) by Salomon Benzimra

Review: Truth Will Set Us Free by Andria Spindel

For several years, prior to his passing, Salomon Benzimra, Founder and Co-Chair with Goldi Steiner of Canadians for Israel’s Legal Right, dedicated his life to writing and speaking about the history of Israel and legal evidence for defending Jewish rights to all of the country, not to parts offered in various treaties, revised by other treaties, reduced by offensive wars and challenged by countries and institutions around the world, from the European Union, to the United Nations and across all of the Middle East. Challenges come from elected governments, from academia, from celebrities and personalities that have adopted the Palestinian narrative and ignored facts and truths. This book from Benzimra is his legacy, a gift for all generations, now and in the future, and should be compulsory reading for Jews and others who support a free and democratic Jewish national home in Israel. For those who do not support the Zionist concept, they should read it for what it can do to challenge their misunderstandings, the myths and lies they may have accepted and to help end the conflict that arises from these lies.

This book takes the reader through a journey spanning over three millennia: the historical connection of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel; the revival of their national aspirations in the modern Zionist movement; the recognition of their collective, national rights in international law; and the insidious violation of these rights during the British Mandate period, up to the proclamation of the State of Israel.

Readers will find this an easy summary, facts based, and well organized to enable readers to follow chronologically, Educators should consider this compulsory reading for young Jews, for students of Jewish/Israeli history and for students of Abrahamic religions.

The book has notes and references includiing over a hundred relevant web links from authoritative sources. JPRLI is a response to the current Middle East "peace process" and its foundation on the notions of "occupation," "land for peace" and the "two-state solution" which imply a questionable, if not unlawful, acquisition of territory, hence denying the legitimate rights of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel - rights which have been enshrined in international law.

The book is available from Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights, which believes such a document will be helpful to those who believe in the primacy of facts over opinion and myth, and to those who confront the daily outbursts of anti-Zionism in academia, in political circles and in the media.

Order from CILR co-Chair, Goldi Steiner at or on


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