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CAEF Videos 2023

We invite you to experience the powerful messages our speakers have shared.

CAEF presents "Why is Hamas so Popular?" with Eran Shayson of Astarta

Watch this important presentation which explains the source of the Red/Green, Progressive/Islamist Alliance, and how Critical Race Theory generates racism and antisemitism. Learn how to challenge this hateful ideology, what opportunities exist within the Jewish community to move the needle on Jew hatred and AntiZionism. Learn why we MUST.

Eran Shayshon
Dr. Jeffey Lax and Dr. Cary Kogan

CAEF presents "Campus Antisemitism: Roots and Solutions", with Dr. Jeffrey Lax and Dr. Cary Kogan

Unequivocal & Non-Partisan Support for Israel

The Lodzer, CAEF, & AVI present “Unequivocal & Non-Partisan Support for Israel” with Daniel Koren

On October 26, 2023 at the Lodzer Centre Congregation in Toronto, Daniel Koren, the Executive Director of Allied Voices For Israel, spoke about unequivocal and non-partisan support for Israel. He was joined by special guests: James Pasternak, Councilor for York Centre; Weidong Pei, Toronto School Board Trustee; and Ya'ara Saks, MP for York Centre. Daniel was introduced by Andria Spindel, Executive Director of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation.

Mordechai Kedar, Hugh Kitson, and Col. Richard Kemp

CAEF presents "Palestinian Arab Betrayal of The Oslo Accords"

Avi Abelow
Natalie Sopinsky

CAEF presents "Palestinian Arab Betrayal of The Oslo Accords"

Featuring Avi Abelow, the host of the Pulse of Israel daily video/podcast ( and the CEO of 12Tribe Films Foundation.


After working as a change management consultant for Accenture in NYC and opening up their Israel office in Tel Aviv, Avi then produced the acclaimed movie “Home Game” about Gush Katif. Due to the success of “Home Game” worldwide, Avi made a career change to dedicate his time to using media, videos and social media to promote the politically incorrect truth about Israel, the Jewish people and the freedom-loving world.


Today, Avi also is the Director of 12Tribe Films which manages

CAEF presents "How Arab Orchestrated Antisemitism Affects Life in Judea and Samaria"


Featuring Natalie Sopinsky, Director of Development, Hatzalah (Rescuers without Borders).


Natalie Sopinksy, a Delaware native, was raised in an all-American Conservative Jewish family. Today she is a pistol-wearing hitch-hiking settler living in the Hebron Hills. A lawyer and lifeguard, Natalie represents the 150 communities in Judea and Samaria as Director of Development for Hatzalah Yehuda and Shomron. Natalie hosts the weekly radio program “Returning Home” on Israel NewsTalk Radio.


Yekirei Hatzalah Yehuda and Shomron, Rescuers without Borders, is the main US registered charity for emergency medical needs in the Jewish heartland. Established in 2000 during the 2nd intifada, it provides a medical response to hundreds of calls daily. It is entirely a volunteer organization with a network in Israel of over 1600 medics, paramedics, and doctors who are committed to saving lives. Hatzalah works in cooperation with the IDF, Magen David Adom, and the Israeli police. Today, this organization is spread across the globe and provides medical responses in countries that are hit by natural disasters. Globally, it has trained over 6000 volunteers and has medical teams in 14 countries. Learn more at

To learn more about SSF-Rescuers Without Borders and the challenges they face, the tools they use, the places they operate in, and how you can be involved, please view the graphics below.

Presentation Slides

Luke Hilton

CAEF and IJEJ Canada present "Why Support for Israel's Heartland is Key to Peace in the Middle East"


Featuring Luke Hilton, Director of The Israel Guys and Director of Marketing for HaYovel. Luke first went to Israel when he was 16, and had his life forever changed as he saw the Bible come to life. Since then, he has become a passionate advocate on behalf of Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria - the heartland of Israel. Luke has been speaking about Israel to groups around the world since 2011, and has traveled extensively in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. His passion is to tell the story of Israel to millions of Christian Zionists around the world, inspiring them to engage in God’s story that is unfolding in the Holy Land. HaYovel is a 501c3 registered US charity. Under Luke’s leadership, HaYovel gained international airtime for the popular TV show, The Joshua and Caleb Report: Stories from the Heartland of Israel, which today is called The Israel Guys. Visit to see more.

Dr. David Nussbaum

CAEF presents "Why is Contemporary Antisemitism So Sexy?" Part 2 of a Unique Psychological Analysis


Part 2 - Strategies for Counter-Messaging: Undermining the Three Enabling Envelopes, is presented by Dr. David Nussbaum, PhD., C. Psych., Chair of the Extremism and Terrorism Section of the Canadian Psychological Association, Senior Research Scholar with ISGAP.


Despite a concerted effort to counter the factual and logical distortions marshalled against the blight on humanity of antisemitism, the scope and intensity of antisemitism continues to grow.


Part 2 shows how the basic strategies are translated effectively into many standard tactics tailored to particular situations, such as crises, and intended for specific target audiences.


The various tactics falling under different strategic categories identify the three contemporary existential threats faced by Israel, the Jewish People, and the Western World. Given this understanding, specific recommendations for strategic counter-messaging to undermine both the sanctioning cultural envelope and the derivative antisemitic slander are provided.

Yotam Eyal - Lunch and Learn

CAEF presents "Why is Contemporary Antisemitism So Sexy?" Part 1 of a Unique Psychological Analysis


Part 1 - Antisemitism as Extremism: Background & Basics, is presented by Dr. David Nussbaum, PhD., C. Psych., Chair of the Extremism and Terrorism Section of the Canadian Psychological Association, Senior Research Scholar with ISGAP.


Despite a concerted effort to counter the factual and logical distortions marshalled against the blight on humanity of antisemitism, the scope and intensity of antisemitism continues to grow. The first session of this two-part program provides a definition of antisemitism from a psychological information processing context, and as a special case of extremism.


Antisemitism is analyzed from the perspective of basic approaches to “truth” used by extremists of all stripes, looking at long-term consequences of factual and logical errors, different types of information processing systems and common “culturally adjusted” messages across different cultural envelopes through which antisemitism is delivered.

Yotam Eyal
Dr. Charles Small
Dr. Richard Landes
LTC (Ret.) Eyal Dror
Caroline Glick
David Bernstein
Douglas Altabef

CAEF presents a Lunch and Learn: "It's a Deep Dive into Judicial Reform in Israel", with Yotam Eyal


Yotam Eyal is the CEO of The Legal Forum for Israel (Haforum), an NGO that acts to preserve democracy, create a balance between the three governmental authorities, defend human rights and defend Israel’s interests in the national and international arenas. It was established in 2004 to protect the rights of residents of Gush Katif. Its membership includes over 400 attorneys and economists. Yotam has an LLB and an MBA, and has successfully represented cases in court against BDS activists.

CAEF presents "Judicial Reform and Other Legal Issues Challenging Israel", with Yotam Eyal


Yotam Eyal is the CEO of The Legal Forum for Israel, a non-profit organization acting to preserve the values of democracy, create a balance between the three governmental authorities, defend human rights and defend Israel's interests in the national and international arena. The Legal Forum for Israel was established in 2004 to protect the rights of the residents of Gush Katif. Since then the Legal Forum has acted to defend human rights, ensure sound governance and defend the interests of the State of Israel and the Jewish people. The Legal Forum has a membership of over 400 attorneys and economists.


Yotam works with hundreds of volunteer lawyers fighting for the Jewish and Zionist identity of Israel through legal means. He has appeared dozens of times in front of Knesset committees, issued dozens of articles on legislative bills, published scores of articles in various professional journals and national newspapers in Israel, and appears frequently on radio and television addressing the legal system, judicial reform and other legal matters. Yotam successfully represented cases in court, including the unprecedented case against BDS activist Omar Shakir in Israel. Yotam has an LLB from Sapir Academic College Law School and an MBA from Ariel University, Israel.

CAEF presents "Normalizing Antisemitism and What To Do About It" with Dr. Charles Small

Dr. Small is the Founding Director and President of the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP) and the Director of the ISGAP-Woolf Institute Fellowship Training Programme in Critical Contemporary Antisemitism Studies, Woolf Institute, Cambridge, UK.


Dr. Small was an Academic Visitor at St. Antony’s College, Oxford University. He is also the Goldman Fellow, Harold Hartog School of Government and Policy, and a Senior Research Fellow, Moshe Dayan Centre for Middle East and African Studies, Tel Aviv University. Previously, he was the Koret Distinguished Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University. He was the founding Director of the Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Antisemitism (YIISA), the first interdisciplinary research center on antisemitism at a North American university. He was an Associate Professor and the Director of Urban Studies at Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU), and an Assistant Professor at Tel Aviv University in the Department of Geography. Charles is the author of books and articles including the six Volume “Global Antisemitism: A Crisis of Modernity” (Brill and ISGAP); and has created scholarly programming and research on contemporary antisemitism at top tier universities. Charles received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, McGill University, Montreal; M.Sc. in Urban Development Planning in Economics, Development Planning Unit (DPU), University College London; and a Doctorate of Philosophy (D.Phil), St. Antony’s College, Oxford University.

CAEF presents "Lethal Journalism, Antisemitism and Global Jihad" with Dr. Richard Landes

CAEF and CILR present "Israel: The Good Neighbour, Not an Apartheid State"


LTC (Ret.) Eyal Dror served as an officer in the Israel Defense Forces for the past 24 years in a variety of positions in the frontline as a coordinator and liaison officer in the Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT). Dror founded and served as the commander of the “Good Neighbor” unit – the Israeli aid to Syrian civilians in the Syria-Israel border area, which executed 700 humanitarian missions to aid and collaborate with Jewish, Christian and Muslim NGO’s. He readily dispels the myth of apartheid and other lies about Israel that are anti-Zionist “dog whistles”, clearly promoting Jew hatred.

CAEF and TZC presents "Forging a Path to Our Jewish Future" with Caroline Glick

On February 22, noted American-Israeli columnist, journalist, author and political commentator, Caroline Glick spoke in Toronto at Shaarei Tefillah Synagogue. Over 300 people attended in person. The event was co-sponsored by the Toronto Zionist Council (TZC) and the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation (CAEF). The evening was opened by TZC's Paul Rotenberg and CAEF's Shirley Anne Haber offered thanks to Ms. Glick.

CAEF presents "Does Radical Social Justice Ideology Fuel Antisemitism?" with David Bernstein


David Bernstein is a passionate advocate for the free expression of ideas and for Israel. He co-founded JILV which opposes illiberal ideologies and supports liberal values in and out of the Jewish community, a consortium of like-minded organizations supporting liberal principles. He is author of Woke Antisemitism: How a Progressive Ideology Harms Jews.


David is past President and CEO of Jewish Council for Public Affairs and former executive director of the David Project. He spent 13 years at the American Jewish Committee in senior roles. David is a prolific speaker, podcaster and writer, having written hundreds of opinion pieces in the Jewish and general press.

CAEF presents "Protesting the Protesters: Is Democracy Really Under Threat in Israel?"


Featuring guest speaker Douglas Altabef, Chair of Im Tirtzu, Israel’s largest grassroots Zionist organization.


Douglas Altabef was the principal of a money management firm in Manhattan, where he worked even after making Aliyah with his family in 2009. He retired from business in 2014 to devote himself to working on behalf of the Jewish People. He has been chair of Im Tirtzu since 2014.


Douglas is a director for a number of NGO’s, and writes extensively in English for such media as the Jerusalem Post, Jewish News Syndicate (JNS), and Arutz Sheva (Israel National News). He is a graduate of Columbia College and Harvard Law School, and is an avid pickleball payer.

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