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A Bad Week for Israel

by Charles Cooke, CAEF GR Representative


It was a bad week for Israel spiritually, diplomatically and politically.


The IDF discovering Israeli bodies in Gaza tunnels, Spain, Ireland and Norway recognizing a Palestinian state, the ICJ ordering a provisional halt to the Rafah action and the prosecutor applying for warrants of arrest for Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and Minister of Defense, Yoav Gallant at the ICC.


All of these events are upsetting and exhausting. More importantly, these events are, no doubt, setbacks for Israel.  They are in themselves illustrations that Israel is losing the worldwide propaganda war. Also, these events in themselves will be weaponized by Israel’s adversaries to not only justify, but harden the delegitimization march of the Israel haters.


It is likely these setbacks will make the Gaza war last longer and the ultimate defeat of Hamas more difficult to achieve, and the release of the remaining hostages much less likely.


Hamas is now less likely to compromise, or to even negotiate. Hamas is being rewarded for its sickening diabolical terrorism. Put simply, why negotiate when the international community will achieve the goals for Hamas. This is what they are counting on.


Thus, some world powers and citizens across the globe, may think these are the right things to do regarding this conflict but the effect will be the opposite: all of these steps will extend the conflict, make achieving Israel’s aims more complicated, lead to more deaths on both sides and harm any chance of rescuing the hostages.


In this context, what is the incentive for Hamas to surrender and give up the remaining hostages?


I think None.


The bigger impact is that these events tell terrorists everywhere that barbarity works. Is the lesson of the early 21st century?


Are the Israel supporters wrong?


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