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Afghanistan-Israel Friendship Association Writes CAEF

"I’m Karim Hakimi from Afghanistan, Manager of “Afghanistan-Israel Friendship Association” and I worked for many years in Mass media, governmental office and human right activist.

We bring for you message of peace, love, friendship and brotherhood from Afghanistan and its great pleasure and honor for Afghanistan-Israel Friendship Association to become part of combat Anti-Semitism movement and fight against all kind of hatred, racism, intolerance, violence and extremism for building a better world.

The Afghanistan-Israel Friendship Association created in 2016 in Afghanistan with the aims of below: We are a group of independent, non-political individuals from different fields who seek to establish and strengthen friendly relationship between Israeli and Afghan people based on mutual understanding and respect and, making friendship, brotherhood and coexistence between two nations.”

This association seek to highlight the commonalities between these two monotheistic religions and We should make public understanding that, with respect to cultural diversity and professional cooperation, Jews and Muslims coexisted relatively peacefully for centuries and we have a lot of shared beliefs, customs, and traditions include the importance of prayer, celebration, charity and cleanliness (Hala), and pilgrimage. We are looking to brotherhood, friendship, coexistence and peace between two nations so we tried to publish correct information about Jews and Israel in social media directly or indirectly and among people especially students and extend our network with our Jewish and Israeli friend via social media for mutual understanding.

One of the main goals of this association was to promote the spirit of friendship among human beings, regardless of any racial, ideological or political affiliations. It was an attempt to reduce sensitivities and eventually eliminate these sensitivities against non-Islamic beliefs, especially Israel and non-Muslim countries. We tried to encourage people to accept the spirit of tolerance and to neutralize the poisonous propaganda, full of hatred of religious extremist groups against non-Muslim countries, especially about Jewish and Israel State. Our argument was that non-Muslim countries, especially the Israel and United State has no bad intentions towards the people of Afghanistan. The negative propaganda of extremist Mullahs against the Jewish people and non-Muslim countries is only to secure the material and political interests entrusted by Iranian regime. Iranian regime had paid religious extremist Mullahs to appearing in mosques and public gatherings to introduce Israel and non-Muslim countries as enemies of Muslims countries and Muslim people, paving the way for recruitment of people especially young people for terrorist groups such as Fatemiyoun Division, Taliban, al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Afghanistan-Israel friendship association looking to reduce racism, fanaticism, intolerance, violence, extremism and radical Islam and enhance values of human rights, women rights, freedom of expression, social justice and peace in our society and Middle East.

Afghanistan-Israel friendship committed to strongly support Jewish, Christian people and stands and, fight against all forms of hatred particularly Anti-Semitism that a profound threat not only to the Jewish community, but to democratic, the Muslim world, and to global peace too.

Afghanistan-Israel Friendship Association collaborate and make coalition with different international organization such as “Combat Anti-Semitism Organization” and attend to different Webinar for fight against all kind of hatred, racism, violence and enhance freedom, social justice, peach, human values, friendship, brotherhood, coexistence and make peace.

Afghanistan-Israel friendship committed to strongly support Israel and Jewish people and stands and, fight against all forms of hatred particularly Anti-Semitism that a profound threat not only to the Jewish community, but to democratic, the Muslim world, and to global peace too.

At the end, I thank you in advance for your time and consideration especially from Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation to give us this chance.

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