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An American Doctor shares Open Letter to AntiZionists

Dr. Pablo Nankin shared this with CAEF.

I hope that all of you enjoyed the Miss Universe pageant in Eilat, Israel.

The contestants were hosted to multiple tours of the varied regions, touristic and archeological sites, even areas that were there before any other religion, as well as visits with people in Druze villages, Muslim areas, Christian churches, Jewish holy sites, and so forth. I am sure that they will have a wonderful lasting impression and that they will be great ambassadors for Israel and pass on to others their wonderful memories. Perhaps those claiming that Israel is an apartheid country will now believe the reality of its non-existence.

If you paid attention, you could see both Hannukias and Christmas trees exhibited on Israel’s streets. As well, did you notice that all the road signs were in Hebrew, Arabic, and English? Did you notice the variety of people in the crowds of all religions cultures, races? What does that tell you?

It tells you that groups such as Jewish Voice for Peace, Peace Now, BDS, or J Street are bent on blaspheming a democratic nation. They must be very unhappy now with this event broadcast to the world. Their very names are misnomers. Let us not forget so easily the recent gathering of Hollywood celebrities, such as Susan Sarandon, Richard Gere, Lupa, Mark Ruffalo, Waters et al, to sign a document claiming Israel as an apartheid country. Is this just their way of seeking notoriety?

What was broadcast should call to everyone’s attention that Israel is a multi cultural, non racist, diverse nation but a great country replete with evidence of ancient history, as well as modern technology and innovations.

As expected, we did not see contestants from Gaza or the so-called Palestinian areas because it would have meant that there would be peace, that they would have stopped their terrorist acts and acceptance of the fact that Israel does exist, although they have eliminated the State of Israel from their school textbooks.

After all the hate presented by South Africa, their proud representative became the 3rd beauty queen in the world.

I believe that the representation of these beautiful bright and beautiful contestants of 80 countries is very significant considering that most of the "no show" are racist and antisemitic.

Pablo Nankin, MD

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