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CAEF Letter Re: Ethnic Studies in California

To whom it may concern,

We are End Jew Hatred Canada, a Jewish civil rights movement dedicated to Jewish liberation and justice through peaceful direct action. We are a partner with the End Jew Hatred movement in the US and equally disturbed by the bias and antisemitism in the proposed Ethnic Studies curriculum that could be introduced into California schools.

The “final'' draft fails to include the full Jewish experience as a targeted minority in America. We agree that the Jewish community’s full rights must be fairly represented in the final draft of your Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum (ESMC).

We support the demands made by End Jew Hatred and all of its partner organizations, that the California State Board of Education must review and revise the current Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum to include the full Jewish experience as a targeted minority in America and remove hate.

The lack of representation for Jews in the curriculum is disproportionate to the size of the community. Over one million Jews live in California and come from many countries around the world. A curriculum that does not address these concerns damages the Jewish community. A curriculum that fails to address systemic Jew-hatred perpetuates antisemitism.

The proposed curriculum is replete with stereotypes, false notions of privilege and other corrupt and false ideas about Jews as an ethnic minority, as a people, as contributors to the well being and development of the State and the country.

We demand that the State Board of Education respect the concerns of the Jewish community, acknowledge that there is systemic Jew-hatred in the education system, and take steps to eradicate it.

We demand a curriculum free of Jew-hatred.

We demand an end to systemic Jew-hatred within our lifetime.


Andria Spindel, Co-Chair End Jew Hatred Canada Anita Bromberg, Co-Chair End Jew Hatred Canada


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