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CAEF letter to CBC re journalistic and news bias

Ms Catherine Tait,

President and CEO

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Dear Ms Tait;

It has come to the attention of all Canadians that the CBC has a distinct and unmitigated bias towards Israel and that your Journalistic standards Manager, George Achi, has demonstrated this in giving instructions to his staff to never use the word “terrorist” to describe the wanton terrorism by Hamas, a listed terrorist organization. How do you explain this?

Since Hamas has showcased its evil, putting Al Queda to shame and repeating the horrid, monstrous, savagery of ISIS, how do you explain that Canadian funds are used to suggest that “terrorism” isn’t operating in Gaza?

That your staff would also spread a lie about Israel is a clear demonstration of antisemitism. You are not just criticizing Israeli policy when CBC does not state that Gaza is not occupied and has not been since Israel unilaterally withdrew in 2005. But every hardship endured by Gazans since 2007 is the result of the horrendous, barbaric inhumane leadership of the ruling Hamas party, a terrorist entity focused only on one goal-eradicating Israel.

Have you not read the Hamas charter?

The Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation is demanding honesty and integrity in reporting on the war between Israel and Hamas, a war that Hamas initiated with brutal savagery, a war that is the direct result of Hamas’s inhumane commitment to Islamist supremacist ideology, fueled by Iran, and fed to children in UNRWA operated schools.

We would also appreciate more balanced reporting, given the pain and grief suffered by Israelis for decades living beside a terrorist state. Gazans are victims of their leaders and not of Israel, which even recently had granted many thousands permits to work in Israel. It would seem that Palestinian Arabs don’t want an independent democratic state which would come from their ending their desire to complete Hitler’s plan, and instead recognize Israel, negotiate a real peace, realize they have no legitimate “right of return”, no legitimate refugee status, and must finally take responsibility for creating a better future.


Andria Spindel

Executive Director

Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation

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