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CAEF Letters to CBC: Terrorist brags he “killed 10 Jews with my own hands” in Hamas’ massacre

October 26, 2023

To: Brodie Fenlon, Editor in Chief, CBC News

Dear Mr. Fenlon,

I am sending you concrete information about the nature of the massacre of Jews, the real Hamas intent, verifiable information which I encourage you to use on any/or all news programs of CBC. It would serve the Canadian population well to understand that Hamas isn't killing over a land dispute but have set themselves up as the heroes in a religious war to kill all Jews. There is a lot of documentary evidence, including video footage inside summer camps for Arab kids being taught to kill Jews, footage inside schools showing that kids are taught that their supreme goal in life is to eradicate Israel and text books which pay homage to mass murderers. What more do you need in order to begin to tell the whole story, and cease seeing this as a territorial war?

Hamas is ISIS and their ideology is well documented in their own charter which is easily accessed on line. Why is it that CBC prefers the pretense of "resistance", "liberation from occupation" and other lies about mass murdering barbarians under the mind set of a terrorist ideology? One might even speak of the horrible damage done to Arab kids in the school system, that is in part funded by Canada. UNRWA texts teach hatred and I have copies of one such text.

You also ignore what is so obvious when reporting on an interview with an elderly woman in Israel who was released. Of course, since her husband and others are still being held by the Hamas savages, she has no option but to say "kind' things about her tormentors. What is keeping CBC from understanding this war, its impact on Jews in Israel and globally, its impact on our western culture and civilization?

Why are you not expressing serous concern about how our kids at all levels are having their education hijacked by the radical Islamists, and the terror supporting entities like Palestine House, Palestine Youth Movement, and others aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood? These are the inheritors of the Nazi ideology and their plan is no different, and for every program that you produce which paints more sympathy for the mass murdering culture and less for the rights of Jews, you are contributing to this evil.


Andria Spindel

Executive Director

Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation


From: Nancy Wagh, Senior Manager for Journalistic Standards, CBC News

October 27, 2023

Dear Andria Spindel,

I am the Senior Manager for Journalistic Standards at CBC News. I am writing on behalf of our Editor in Chief, Brodie Fenlon, to acknoweldge receipt of your recent email.

While I regret your disappointment in our coverage of the Israel-Hamas war, I respectfully reject your assertion that CBC News programming, "paints more sympathy" for one side in this conflict than the other.

Every day we work to provide a 360-degree view of this story. The totality of our coverage speaks for itself. You can get a sense of that work here.

CBC News would be failing in its responsibility if it only reported one “side” of the story and ignored everything else. There are many parts to the story of the violence sweeping the region, among them the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. It is our mandate, part of our obligation under the federal Broadcasting Act, to carry different perspectives on controversial matters of public interest and concern – a “balance” of views, if you will. It is our obligation to present those differing perspectives fairly and accurately affording Canadians the opportunity and the information they need to make up their own minds about the nature or quality of the views expressed. And I believe we are doing that.

I fully understand that someone who is sympathetic to one side in a controversial issue would expect the news media to cover the views, interests and activities of that side at a level above what a more objective view might suggest. But offering a range of coverage and perspectives does not demonstrate “bias” – indeed, quite the opposite.

Including a balance of views lies at the very heart of the notion of fairness and accuracy in our journalism. It is especially imperative in covering a story as complex and emotionally charged as this one.

On Mr. Fenlon's behalf, thank you for taking the time to write.


Nancy Waugh

cc: Brodie Fenlon


From: Andria Spindel

Monday, October 30, 2023

To: Nancy Waugh <>

Cc: Brodie Fenlon <>

Subject: Re: Your email to Brodie Fenlon

Dear Ms Waugh and Mr. Brodie,

I completely reject your response, which misses the point and illustrates your bias.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas is not a story that requires equal consideration of two sides; that is ludicrous. Hamas is a terrorist entity, murdering innocent people, on both sides of this conflict; and you fail to report this. Your response is akin to suggesting that as the Nazis were mass murdering Jews, CBC would need to give equal air time to "the other side." You have no such obligation. This is not a war of opinions though that would seem to be how CBC wishes to present it.

Where is your moral compass and when did CBC take on itself to right to define what is a terrorist, and where is your code of ethics that suggests you give equal time to the enemies of democracy, freedom, truth and justice? Should you not be talking about the evil of Hamas which has a charter commitment to kill Jews? Have you reported on this since its inception and the nature of the training of children to become Islamist murderers? Are you reporting on Canadian funding of UNRWA which trains child killers and urges Arab children to become martyrs?

Where is the CBC story about the number of Arab civilians killed by Hamas, both during their savage attack in Israel and their daily persecution of dissenters, or how Gazans are held "hostage" by Hamas if they wish to leave Gaza? How is CBC really showing any concern about "Palestinians" when it ignores all that Hamas has done to control its citizens, torture them, use them as human shields, steal from them, cut off their water, refuse to provide infrastructure and spend all donor funds on terror tunnels and not services and building a future? Where is the truth when you actually use information coming from a lying terrorist entity? Hamas is a lying barbaric, Islamist enemy of all civilized nations so even accepting any data or stories from them isn't good journalism. Even their Ministry of health is under the control Hamas.

Even suggesting that Israel has bombed a hospital without getting facts is poor journalism. Such bombing never happened. Claims or insinuations that Israel has used "disproportionate" force to bomb Gaza is wrong-headed, misguided and ludicrous. Where are your stories about the legal obligation that Israel has to both protect its citizens and aid the world in ridding it of such evil as Hamas, thus freeing Palestinians from terrorists?

Have you even interviewed some of the Gazans who do not support Hamas and wish to get rid of this savage entity? In a war, civilians are hurt and killed, but in this war, as in WWII, the good guys have to beat the bad guys. The media should reflect public perceptions and Canadian values and not the distorted lies, bigotry, misinformation, anti-Israel garbage that is offered under the guise of "balance," "diversity," "inclusion," or some immoral idea about cultural sensitivity. We need no such sensitivity, no sympathy for any people or organization that supports the pogrom against the Jews.

Look at the data about Gazans support for Hamas. A recent poll suggested as many as 73% of the Gazan population supports the destruction of Israel, and note how the populace celebrated this slaughter with candy, hit the dead Jews who were paraded around the streets of Gazan cities, and how many contributed to the horror that we all witnessed.

Are you prepared to present the fact that the Palestinians have rejected every form of peace and two states over decades?

I am afraid that CBC fails significantly in presenting the news about Israel and its fight for survival against a horrific, inhumane, anti-Western Islamist-terrorist entity that has sowed its seeds of hatred here in Canada. The pro-Palestinian protests are not pro-people at all but are anti-Israel/anti-Jewish, reminiscent of what occurred in Germany and other parts of Europe pre-WWII, and CBC should strongly counter these or see itself accused of aiding and abetting Jew hatred.


Andria Spindel

Executive Director

Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation


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