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CAEF Letter to German Ambassador

April 4, 2022

Ambassador Sabine Sparwasser

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

P.O. Box 379, Postal Station “A”

Ottawa, Ontario K1N 8V4

Dear Ambassador Sparwasser;

Here is the headline: International community condemns Bnei Brak shooting, other recent terror attacks, US calls violence ‘unacceptable,’ UN chief says it can ‘never be justified’; EU ‘stands with Israel’; Germany urges strong condemnation from all to prevent ‘a new escalation’ in the Times of Israel today, March 30, 2022. Isn’t it time that Germany stopped funding terrorism against Israel and the death of Israelis? It is noteworthy that the last 6 people murdered by Arabs included a Christian Arab and 2 Ukrainian immigrants! Stop funding Jew hatred, stop funding UNRWA which teaches Arab children to murder Jews, denies the existence of the state of Israel and abuses children by making them believe they kill for their God. They kill because their bigoted antisemitic teachers, teach them lies.

The key to a lot of this terror is to demand that President Mahmud Abbas stop rewarding terrorists, under the PA program of pay-to-slay. While Abbas has been shamed into making a weak statement of remorse for the deaths, he would be giving life time salaries to the murderers if they were to be jailed and had not eradicated by the Israeli police, IDF or a well-trained civilian as has been the case in the last week when 11 innocent people were killed.

There are two urgent messages for your governments:

Withhold funds from UNRWA which has educated 3 generations of Arabs to hate and murder, and holds terror inciting events calling for the murder of Jews. The USA has agreed to put funds in escrow until UNRWA can absolutely guarantee all textbooks and teachers’ manuals no longer teach violence but meet UN standards around peace and co-existence.

Demand the Palestinian Authority withdraw its legislation that requires the payment of a salary to reward Arabs who murder Jews; the pay increases for the more Jews killed. This amounts to a life-long pension for the families of terrorists.

Currently, Germany is the main funder of UNRWA so holds the greatest accountability for the murder of Jews, a position that Germany supposedly vacated after WWII. STOP FUNDING TERRORISM!

The PA, is no better than Hamas, a listed terrorist organization, as it incites terror and rewards murder. Such murder is funded by all entities that contribute to the PA coffers. We ask that Canada and Germany hold all funds, hold all supports, and demand these immoral, inhuman practices stop immediately. Abbas himself is calling for more terror, more murder and riots. Here is what Abbas and the PA henchmen have been doing:

“After the PA’s repeated calls for terror and the PA’s repeated support for terror, Arabs murder 11 people in 3 terror attacks in one week:

Sequence of events:

February: The PA, including Abbas, repeatedly calls for terror March 1- 21: PA glorifies terrorists who died in terror attacks March 22: Terrorist murders 4 in Be’er Sheva, PA openly praises him as “Martyr” March 27: Terrorist murders 2 in Hadera, PA is silent March 29: Terrorist murders 5 in Bnei Brak, Abbas forced to issue lame condemnation

After 2 months of intensified PA promoting terror and support for terror attacks, 3 terror attacks by Arabs in one week leave 11 people in Israel murdered. PA Chairman Abbas was the leader of the calls to Palestinians to murder Israelis. For example, at the PLO Central Council meeting in February: “President [Abbas called] in all his speeches to initiate popular resistance.” [Official PA TV, Feb. 8, 2022] PMW has documented that “popular resistance” is the PA call for civilians to carry out terror attacks.”

Read the whole story on Palestinian Media Watch:

Watch the incitement by UNRWA recorded in full by the Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research:

Germany must act now. Help stop the killing! Stop Jew hatred! German citizens must know their money is sent to terrorists and has done nothing for peace.


Andria Spindel

Cc Ambassador Dr. Ronen Hoffman, Embassy of Israel in Canada

Consul General Idit Shamir, Consulate of Israel in Toronto

Consul General Thomas Schultz, Consulate of Germany in Toronto


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