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CAEF Letter to Mayor Olivia Chow re postings on X

Dear Mayor Chow,

I note your post on X, which stated "unequivocally" that you condemn Hamas for its horrific attacks on Israeli civilians. On behalf of the Canadian Antisemtism Education Foundation, I commend you for this. It is imperative that politicians at all levels, stand up for the only democracy in the Middle East, the only Jewish state in the world, and a country that has been attacked and invaded on numerous occasions by its hostile, antisemitic neighbors.

Today, there are fewer neighbors in the Middle East intent on destroying Israel, but there still a few.

Hamas which governs Gaza and the Palestinian Authority that governs all the Arab settlements and cities in Judea and Samaria, are both committed to the destruction of Israel, refuse to recognize the Jewish state and train their children to hate and kill Jews. This is no secret.

Please watch this 7 minute video documenting the summer camp for Palestinian Arab children, showing that kids are training to be terrorists. It is therefore no surprise that Hamas has invaded and killed innocent people; this training and the antisemitic texts in PA and UNRWA schools has taught kids to kill Jews for decades.

Sadly, this will continue as long as Canada, US, EU, and other Western nations continue to fund UNRWA which provides this antisemitic/Jew hating education; while the IDF remain the most moral military in the world and have refused to bomb sites that house civilians, especially schools where Hamas hides its weapons.

So, we ask you Mayor Chow, why in your second tweet, do you suggest that we consider "Palestinian pain, and severe loss of life?" Are you also moaning for the Russian invasion force that has terrorized and massacred innocent Ukrainians? Can you not distinguish between a terror entity that holds its own citizens hostage, educates them with lies and hatred, schools hundreds of thousands of kids to be murderers and then executes its plan to eradicate a people, a country and its history?

You must choose to acknowledge Jewish suffering and condemn Palestinian Arab aggression, and not equate the two sides in this asymmetrical war. Yes, Israel has better weapons and a trained army, but they have not used it to invade sovereign lands, to take civilian hostages, to kill mothers and babes, and to pursue a propaganda war that pushes ahistorical narratives as truths.

Jews cannot feel safe, if you as Mayor think there is an equivalence between those who celebrate life and those who celebrate our deaths.

On Monday, October 9 at 2pm there will be a raging antisemitic hate fest, intended to rally people to the cause of eradicating Israel and killing Jews. We hope you will condemn this before it occurs and stop it with the powers you have as Mayor of Toronto. See poster below and speak up, NOW! The Palestine Youth Movement supports terror, demonization and the eradication of Israel.


Andria Spindel,

Executive Director

Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation


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