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CAEF Letter to National Post Re: Why Israel. a desert country, surrounded by enemies, is thriving

Dear Editor,

The Jewish community of Canada, and the pro-democracy community worldwide, must extend appreciation to the National Post for honouring Israel during its current 75th anniversary year, and recognizing the extraordinary miracle that is the Jewish nation, and the contributions Israelis, individually and collectively, make to the entire world. These contributions cover every field including arts, science, humanities, engineering, music, medicine, law, and agriculture and more. Likewise, the Jews have contributed out of proportion to their numbers wherever they have been welcomed. Jews in Canada are grateful for being accepted, equal, full citizens enjoying all opportunities and gifts afforded by Canada, while also having shared all the pains, challenges, and struggles of this still young and evolving country that we have come to love and cherish.

The article by Tristin Hopper, January 7, 2023, does a great job of outlining many factors that contribute to or explain Israel’s success, including the latest existential threats from hostile Arabs inside the country, and the Palestinian Authority/Hamas/Islamic Jihad and other terror-oriented Arab organizations on its borders and in the disputed territories. These self-declared forever enemies not only wish to see the demise of Israel, but are ready to die to bring that about. Such terrorism as Israelis have to face daily would be expected to create a culture of fear, rather that one of pride, determination and creativity which was well noted in the article. However, that article missed one key ingredient contributing to the renewal of and strength of Israel—the commitment to Zionism.

Since the enemies of Israel, that include several registered NGOs in this country, several fake charities and a host of self-righteous social justice organizations which feign concern about human rights, but only focus on demonizing Israel, it is imperative to state here that: Zionism is the belief in the Jewish right of self-determination in the ancient homeland of the Jews.Plain and Simple. Our enemies cannot usurp the word and define it as something it isn’t! Zionism is a huge motivator for the wonder that is Israel.


Andria Spindel

Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation


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