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CAEF letter to NDP MPs calling on them to reject the motion proposed against Israel

March 18, 2024

NDP Members of Parliament

Government of Canada

Ottawa, ON

Dear NDP MPs,

When we were led into the gas chambers, the whole world said nothing.

When we were forcibly converted or murdered, the world said nothing.

When we were expelled from countries just for being Jews, the world said nothing.

When we now defend ourselves, suddenly YOU have something to say.

How did we take our revenge on the Germans for their Final Solution and on the Spanish for their Inquisition?

How did we take revenge when Islam labelled us as Dhimmi (an inferior caste of people, including Christians), stole our property, and exiled nearly a million Jews from Muslim countries in North Africa and the Middle East?

We studied our Torah.

We innovated in medicine, defense systems, technology, and agriculture.

We made music.

We made the desert bloom.

We won Nobel prizes.

We fulfilled the word of G-d by becoming a light unto the Nations.

So when you criticize us for defending our heritage and our ancestral homeland, we Jews do what you did, we ignore you. When you, the members of the Government of Canada, present lies and distortions about Israel and the need to defend our people, and some of you deny October 7th as some have denied the Holocaust, you prove again to us, as for the last 3,000 years, that when the chips are down, you don’t care.

You are stoking antisemitism with the bigoted NDP motion, creating a false equivalence with calls for a ceasefire which leaves Hamas in place to commit another October 7, and you are assuming with arrogance that you can decide parts of our indigenous land are to be called “Palestine” when no such country has ever existed in history, and will not exist for decades more, or at least until the terrorism has been excised from the minds and hearts of Arabs in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and across Israel, and their entire leadership acknowledges the Jewish state. You are risking the lives of all Israelis when you recommend ongoing funding of UNRWA which “educates” kids to kill, heartlessly, viciously, and to rape and destroy human beings because they are Jews. You are working against Canadian values when you distance yourselves from the only democracy in the Middle East.

We, the Jewish people are not going back to a time of servitude, of dhimmitude or of silence. We will continue our 5784-year-old mission, enhancing the world we share.

Am Yisrael Chai—The People of Israel Live!!!


Andria Spindel

Executive Director

Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation

Cc All Members of Parliament


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