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CAEF Letter to Premier Ford and cabinet re Thanking them for taking a firm stand for Israel

Dear Premier Ford and Cabinet;

On behalf of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation, I write to express a sincere thank you for the principled stand you and your government have taken for Israel and against evil. Thank you for the government motion condemning Hamas for its horrible acts of terror against Jews, against Israel, against humanity.

Hamas is a terrorist entity which is against civilization and must be called out for what it is, barbaric, savage, brutal, massacre of innocents people, reminiscent of those acts committed by the Nazis before and during WWII. Hamas must be defeated, their ideology laid bare and their members brought to justice. Israel must secure a victory over this evil.

We welcome and appreciate the various Conservative MPPs who have expressed their support and have made their views known, have attended events in the Jewish community, shared their concerns, and their prayers.

Mr. Premier, we ask that you continue to explore ways to reduce and eliminate Jew hatred from our streets, universities and public schools. We gratefully acknowledge today's announcement by the Hon. Stephen Lecce, that there will be more education on the Holocaust and antisemitism in grade 10 for all students. We urge this be a requirement for the education of all teachers, as we see that some of the expressed antisemitism/antiZionism is coming from teaching staff themselves and is ignored by principals and even celebrated by anti-Israel individuals and organizations. We ask you to consider a mandated program about how to apply the IHRA definition of antisemitism which you proudly promoted and adopted in the legislature.

We stand ready to assist in any way possible towards eliminating antisemitism and all forms of hatred. Given the recent plethora of Jew hatred demonstrated on our streets, we also urge that the provincial government meet with municipal leaders to develop a concerted strategy to get this off our streets, out of our community places, formally addressed by our police forces and properly dealt with in our courts.

May you and your colleagues go from strength to strength.


Andria Spindel Executive Director

Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation

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