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CAEF Letter to Robin Wettlaufer, Representative Office of Canada to the Palestinian Authority

How is it that Canada has completely erased Israel?

Dear Robin Wettlaufer,

The photo above shows a quite unfortunate, despicable, breach of trust between Canada and Israel, a breach of the Canada-Israel democratic alliance, a breach of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism, a breach of decency, honesty and justice. Canada in this act is complicit in Jew hatred and falsifying history.

Here is what the photo depicts as reported in United with Israel and other news sites:

“At a ceremony honoring female Palestinian entrepreneurs hosted by the PA Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Jason Tulk, head of Cooperation at the Representative Office of Canada in the PA, together with PA Minister of Women’s Affairs Dr. Amal Hamad, handed out an honorary plaque in the shape of the PA map of “Palestine” which entirely erases the State of Israel.”

Our organization is mortified that the Government of Canada has succumbed to such a blatant denial of Israel’s existence, that it is placating the antisemitic Palestinian Authority and actually gives an award to people for denying Israel’s very existence. Is this how Canada has returned to the international stage? Is this how Canada lives up to its commitment to protect Jews from hatred? This type of act is why there is increased Jew hatred on the streets of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Ottawa, because now the deceptive BDS movement, the adherents to a fallacious narrative that Israel will be eliminated, that it is illegal, that it is temporary, will surely find satisfaction showing the world that is also what Canada believes. If Mr. Tulk had an ounce of intergrity, he would have refused to hand over such an award, left the stage and denounced the antisemites.

You have discredited our democracy and eradicated History, so now tell us please how you will address this situation Ms. Wettluafer or if you are following the instructions of the Liberal government in presenting a map without Israel.


Andria Spindel

Executive Director


Express your concern by sending a letter to:


write to the Representative Office of Canada to the PA P.O. Box 18604 Jerusalem 91184


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