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CAEF letter to the Board and CEO Canadian Museum of Human Rights

April 15, 2021

Ms Isha Khan, President and CEO, Board of Governors and Senior Management

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

85 Israel Asper Way,

Winnipeg, MB R3C 0L5

Dear Board Members, CEO, and senior Management,

It has come to our attention that your organization is being lobbied by people claiming that there was a disaster, even a genocide, an invasion and ethnic cleansing of Arabs by Jews in the land of Israel, previously the Mandate for Palestine.

It’s very important that the board and management of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, an important institution for Canadian values, education, and memory not accept lies and distortions by a singularly Jew hating collection of folks determined to undermine the State of Israel, that preach antisemitism, deny historical facts and pursue the destruction of a legitimate democratic state. Their claim that a Nabka occurred, a tragedy, is only true if one acknowledges that it was the Arab leaders that destroyed their own people, pushed hundreds of thousands into leaving their homes while 5 armies invaded the nascent Jewish state, exiled Jews from their historic homes in Judea and Samaria as well as the eastern sector of Jerusalem. Further, until today, the resulting misguided racist regime (the Palestinian Authority) teaches Jew hatred, murders innocent people, rewards Jew killers, honours terrorists, and spreads lies and disinformation to their own people and across the globe.

The Nabka story is a fraud, and does not deserve to be recognized as anything more than another layer of lies perpetrated by the dishonourable BDS movement, anti-democratic ideologues, fringe leftist Jews who in no way represent any Jewish community.

Watch this video with Arabs who lived through that period telling the truth:

The museum will undermine its true mission if it goes along with this pretense. You must listen to Arab individuals who actually lived in the Palestine of 1947-49 who tell the truth--there was no genocide by Jews against Arabs, quite the contrary. Arabs massacred Jews in Hebron, Jerusalem and Tsfat before 47, started a war in 1949 and continued offensive attacks several more times in recent history, all aiming to complete the destruction of the Jewish state. If you give them space, even one inch, you will be complicit in supporting Jew hatred.

The Palestinian Authority, Fatah, PLO, PFLP, Hamas, Hezbollah and their other iterations are all in agreement that they want to destroy a legitimate state. These are the inheritors of the Nazi-affiliated Grand Mufti who agreed with Hitler that all Jews should be destroyed. Tell us please how allocating space in a museum on human rights to a Jew hating story warrants space in a human rights museum.

Our national museum will become a mockery, its purpose undermined if you give serious consideration to this absurd request by organizations which have no adherence to ethical and historical truths.

With respect, we hope to hear from you that you’re dismissing the request for a Nabka exhibit.


Andria Spindel

Cc Hon. Steven Guildbeault, Minister of Canadian Heritage

Mr. Irwin Cotler, Special Envoy on Holocaust Remembrance and Combating Antisemitism

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