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CAEF Letter to The Toronto Star

Dear Editor,

The bias in the September 30, 2020 article, entitled, U of T Law School failed minorities in hiring scandal is difficult to ignore.

First, it is very selective in claims of shortchanged minorities. Certainly, Jewish students who support Israel routinely face demonization in prevalent attempts to delegitimize their historically accurate account of 20th century Israeli-Palestinian Arab interactions. Jews are a minority, with a long history of persecution and discrimination, which is significantly increasing, most significantly on university campuses.

The article does not describe the process by which such a divisive and extremist individual as Azarova, was initially even considered for the position. Imagine if the U of T Law School hired someone historically espousing anti-Black sentiments. The Star and all extreme left ideologues would have raised hell on earth to have the person removed from any position. Alternately, if an anti-Israel advocate is the candidate, Jews must silently accept her pernicious, distorted fabrications intended to vilify and delegitimize the world's only Jewish State and generate antisemitism. The reality is that antisemitic acts in Canada outnumber anti-Muslim acts despite Canadian Muslims outnumbering their Jewish counterparts by a 3.2 ratio according to Canada’s last (2011) census, likely larger 9 years later given immigration trends. The 2017 data is as follows: 85% of police reported hate crimes were against Jews and 60% against Muslims.

The article does not show how any alleged “elites” benefit from this politically incorrect and predictably emotionally reactive response to a bad hiring recommendation. What is also outstanding is the nonsensical argument that U of T should not strive for excellence, calling it “elite status” which is in itself hubris in the extreme. I don’t imagine the large contingent of foreign students would be interested in attending a second rate university. The writer doesn’t provide data on the ethno-racial-religious make-up of the university but since 2016 the university has been tracking race, and has a very diverse population. The appointment of an antisemite is not the way to counter any anti-Muslim bias.


Andria Spindel,

Executive Director


Dr. David Nussbaum, retired Assistant Professor, UTSC

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