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CAEF Letter to Toronto City Councillor Brad Bradford thanking him for Standing Up for Israel

Dear Councillor Bradford,

It has come to our attention that on more than one occasion, you have spoken out, loud and clear, against the upsurge in antisemitism, the outrageous expressions of support for the Hamas terrorists, the double standard applied to Israel and the threat to all Jews that is being expressed by so-called Pro-Palestinian protests and rallies in our City.

There truly is fear and concern in the Jewish community as bikers rally for Hamas, Palestine Youth Movement "Glorifies Martyrs," Palestine House and others hold large rallies intended to justify the massacre of innocent babies, women, children, elderly people in Israel and the war crime of taking civilians as hostages. This is a cruel abomination, a blight on our inclusive and diverse city. It must be stopped.

The campaign to denigrate Israel, threaten Jewish businesses and individuals, has infected our schools, universities, media and some communities which naively believe they are standing up for human rights or they are clear about being Jew haters. All of it must stop.

Israel is obliged to defend its citizens. Among the dead and the hostages are people from 41 other countries, not just Jews, not just Israelis. Those who revel in anti-Israel propaganda are not defending anyone's rights nor a noble cause. The purposeful invasion of Israel was meant to harm and create chaos, was funded by the Iranian terror regime, with support from others like Qatar, and terror supporting entities raising funds world-wide. Groups that support this are no less committing terror and must be stopped.

We ask that you and your Council colleagues address this and determine what power and authority you can exercise to call attention to the fact that, not unlike the Nazi propaganda that targeted Jews before WWII, this onslaught of hatred has serious consequences and all fair-minded people must call it out. Any teacher who supports it, any administration, any civil servant, must be identified and disciplined. We cannot tolerate the intolerable!

Thanks very sincerely for your strong stance for justice and freedom,


Andria Spindel

Executive Director

Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation

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