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CAEF Letter to Toronto Mayor Chow re attack on a Jewish woman and danger of pro-Palestinian protests

Dear Mayor Chow,

On October 29th, Olga Goldberg was punched in the face by a protester wearing a kaffiyeh, who crossed College St, leaving the mass protest of anti-Israel extremists, and hit her leaving her eye bloodied and lip swollen. She was holding a Canadian flag and a photo of an Israeli held hostage by the terrorist group Hamas. She did not approach the protesters, nor cross the street, nor call out. She was simply observing them from the north side of the street and they were on the south side, until several crossed over and attacked her.

Above are the photos. Due to the fact the assailants kept their faces covered, Olga cannot identify them, so the police have laid no charges.

Mayor Chow, we ask that you take steps to halt the displays of Jew hatred in Toronto, that you speak out and bring a plan to Council to declare that support for Hamas is antithetical to everything this city and country stand for; it is a terrorist entity with blood on its hands and over 230 hostages in captivity. It is a blood thirsty archaic entity that treats women like animals, kills LGBTQ folks, denies rights to any non-Muslims, kills Muslims that befriend Jews, kills Muslims that oppose them and during the war they instigated against Israel, have almost enslaved Gazans, refusing to allow them to go for safety to the South, planted weapons in hospitals, and are using civilians as human shields. These monsters are being celebrated on social media, in universities, in public schools in this city and on many streets on an almost daily basis. It is increasingly dangerous for Jews to travel around Toronto.

Is this the city you want? One in which diversity is a threat, not a strength? One in which inclusion is impossible and Jews stay home from school, off campus, close businesses and have armed guards outside of every institution?

If you do not act, things could get worse. Look at this story today from LA:

Jewish man dies after being struck by pro-Palestinian protester, LA Jewish federation says

We do not want to wait for a murder to see the City take action. We do not want to pray that our police are empowered to act, while wary of offending the sensibilities of the insensitive Jew haters.

Mayor Chow, this is an urgent call for action. The number of incidents that threaten, frighten, endanger our Jewish community is rising. It is also essential that Toronto continue to stand with Israel in its fight for survival. It is clear that Israel is defending the free world against a tyrannical Islamism set on destroying life in the Middle East, and peace among Jews and Arabs. Only when Hamas is eliminated will Gazans be free, and Israelis can resume their peaceful lives, dedicated to improving the world for everyone.

We await your action.


Andria Spindel, Executive Director

Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation

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