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CAEF Letter to Trudeau re Canada's vote at the UN undermines the confidence of the Jewish Community

December 14, 2023

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau, Minister Joly, and Ambassador Rae,

Please read the attached letter which expresses serious concerns from the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation regarding Canada's recent vote at the UN. We expect Canada to be firm and unwavering regarding the current Hamas initiated war of terror against the Jewish state.

Hamas continues to call for the annihilation of Israel with moral and financial support from Qatar and Iran, so now is the not the time to undermine her ability to defend herself and eradicate Hamas. The entire liberal, freedom-loving western civilization is at risk if Hamas is not vanquished.

Hoping you will reconsider and resolve to stand firmly with Israel.


Andria Spindel

Executive Director

Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,

Minister Melanie Joly,

Ambassador Bob Rae

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau, Minister Joly and Ambassador Rae;

Your decision to have Canada abandon its “unwavering” support for Israel at the UN, sends an extremely disappointing message to not just Israelis but the entire Jewish world. It seems you have abandoned the Jewish community in Canada by voting to demand a ceasefire, thus supporting Hamas and the anti-Israel mob at home. This is not what the majority of Canadians would support.

By no reasonable measure is a ceasefire truly support for a humanitarian mission for Gazan civilians. It is a vote for the tyrannical butchers who massacred over 1200 men, women, and children, babies and elderly, raping and burning, dismembering and destroying individuals of Jewish and non Jewish backgrounds on October 7. Time and again, Israel’s military has carried out what it calls, “mowing the grass”, a game demanded by Western countries, that is a repetitive cycle: Hamas attacks, Israel responds, damage is carried out and civilians die (as per the plan of Hamas) then donor countries fund rebuilding, Hamas steals the funds and building materials, builds weapons and tunnels, initiates more rocket attacks, captures a few Israeli hostages, and the whole cycle begins again. It has been escalating for two decades and this is the situation with the current war initiated by Hamas. Hamas can’t lose because it refuses to surrender, to change its charter, to agree to recognizing Israel and living in peace. It simply subsides, rebuilds and strikes again, using human lives as fodder, children as human shields, schools and hospitals as rocket sites, and never developing the land for the people who dwell there. Meanwhile the Hamas leaders are very wealthy and live comfortably in Qatar, a country that fosters terrorism, rewards it, sends funds to Hamas, and runs the hate propagandist Al Jezeera broadcast network. A ceasefire without complete victory will put this horrible cycle into operation again.

Israel is fighting for our entire western liberal civilization and human values which are not part of the Islamist agenda. One need not be a scholar of Islam to understand the full intent of Hamas, funded by Iran and Qatar, in desiring to establish the next caliphate, desiring to control not just the land of Israel, minus all the Jews, but the lands of Europe and ultimately of the Americas.

The vote by Canada was an unCanadian vote, a vote against the wellbeing of all Canadians and a vote that disgraces our country at the UN. The UN is as unfriendly to the Jewish state as any established entity can be; with more hostile committees, commissions, councils and money-sucking useless entities than there are democratic members. Canada should be consistently condemning the antisemitic bias at the UN, the poor performance of all the Jew hating international mouth pieces, and the overly Islamist dominated General Assembly. The very least that Canada should do, having not stood up in defiance of the pro-Hamas street rallies across Canada, is to vote with our major ally, the US, in opposing the anti-Israel motion calling for a ceasefire, a pretense to give Hamas another day to recover while ignoring the absolute necessity for Israel to fight until Hamas is totally destroyed.

Canada has contributed countless millions of tax payer funds for the training of Gazan children to kill Israelis. As long as the government keeps covering its “eyes” to the well documented and videoed terror training in UNRWA schools and summer camps, ignoring the complete overlap of UNRWA texts, teachers, trainers and the Hamas agenda; allowing kids of age 9 to carry guns, practice murder, and set their sights on becoming a raping/torturing/murdering monster, with the funds of your government, this cycle of violence will continue. Canada’s complicity, its failure to withhold funding when presented with so much evidence, is quite despicable.

We are grateful for those MPs within the Liberal Party that have expressed their solidarity with Israel and recognized the UN motion was justice denied, and Canada’s vote was a slap in the face to its ally Israel.

History will hold your government accountable. Jewish Canadians will not count your government as its friend.


Andria Spindel

Executive Director

Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation

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