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CAEF Letter to University of Ghent Re: their failure to identify real human rights issues that turn into antisemitism

Dear Rector Van de Walle,

It is not just disappointing to learn that you chose to cave to radical, Islamist ideological lies about Israel, abandon the only democratic country in the Middle East by severing ties with 3 Israeli institutions, but it is outrageous that you repeat the Jew hatred of the past century. You are an example of how evil turns the minds and hearts of people by propaganda, promoting lies and bigotry and pressuring generally decent people to descend into darkness rather than stand for truth and justice. 

You do this without malice perhaps, but you demonstrate ignorance, an unwillingness to be unpopular against the forces of evil. You cannot in any way justify your decision as Israel is a democratic ally; Palestine does not exist and never has, and the purveyors of lies that claim Israel is an occupier or committing genocide are using You, to foment hatred. The IDF is the most moral army in the world and were it not, were it to operate as any other army, it would have bombed Gaza totally by now, have routed the terrorists and starved the entire population. Try comparing the IDF to the US army in its War on Terror. Where are the demonstrations against  Russia which has deliberately bombed residential areas, attacked civilians and invaded foreign territory? Where are the Ghent University demonstrations against China which holds over a million Muslims in concentration camps? Is it that you personally despise the Jewish nation?

Your decision speaks volumes about your insincerity when lauding human rights as an issue. Israel is the only country in the Middle East that has laws to enforce human rights for all and lives by the Rule of Law, and affords equal rights on all of its citizens. Where are the Jews in Gaza? In Lebanon? In Jordan? In Syria? In Iraq? In Libya? In Algiers? In Egypt? All driven out by Islamists who brought chaos to the region.  Why are you not condemning those Arab countries that are home to "refugees" from Mandatory Palestine, driven out by Arab leaders and now held in camps for 76 years? Do you even care about "Palestinian Arabs," or is your vendetta with Israel,  the Nation State of the Jewish people?

Best wishes for your university for which you have deprived it of the best and  brightest researchers and opportunities in your short-sighted and bluntly antisemitic decisions.


Andria Spindel, Executive Director


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