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The letter and proclamation below has been sent to the President of every university in Canada. We are urging the administration to do more to halt antisemitism, first by recognizing it is pervasive, it is fed and fueled by some student groups but also by some professors. Education is not an antidote to hatred.

In WWII Europe, academics under the Nazi Reich fostered the lies, encouraged demonization of Jews and many held high ranks in the regime. Today’s academia is fuelling left wing antisesmitism, so what is the difference? Hatred towards Jews is a societal issue and every institution needs to take steps against right, left and Islamist driven Jew hatred.

Dear President (name was inserted),

End Jew Hatred Canada is a grassroots movement sponsored by the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundationto draw attention to rising antisemitism and to take direct action to address it. We ask that you address it by signing our Proclamation of Holocaust Remembrance.

Between the years 1939 to 1945, the world experienced the worst mass murders in the history of civilization, indeed since recorded history. Many peoples from many nationalities were killed, and nearly every nation lost some of their citizens. Tens of millions of people, of every religion, faith, colour and creed died.

However, the Nazi murdering machine that began this monumental tragedy were only interested in the complete extermination of two peoples, the Roma and the Jews.

The Roma who were killed were mostly taken from Central and Eastern Europe; the Jews were taken from every corner of every country that the Nazis and their allies overran and controlled. Their diabolical master plan was to annihilate every Jew- white, black, religious or secular, Sephardi, Mizrachi, Ashkenazi, men and woman, old and young, rich and poor- to exterminate, every single Jew, once and for all, from planet Earth.

Before and during WWII, over one third of the world’s Jewish population, 6,000,000 people, including over 1,500,000 children, were brutally and viciously murdered by the Jew haters. Exterminated. Annihilated.

One important fact which drove the hatred generated during the Holocaust is that it came from well-educated people, so please consider that hate begins with words, and the lies and tropes used against the Jews were fostered by well-educated university faculty and professionals. This is why we are asking that Canada’s universities take a very visible step and speak up this Holocaust Remembrance Day which is January 27th.

To not recognize and honour the murdered millions is to allow the idea of genocide, racism, and hatred to flourish and grow. We therefore ask that you acknowledge Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27th, 2022 by signing the following proclamation, and sharing it across your campus community.

We ask that you send a copy to us to post and share with Jewish communities and others across Canada. Please send it to my attention at


Andria Spindel, Executive Director, CAEF & Co-Chair, End Jew Hatred Canada

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