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CAEF Press Release - Toronto Group stands up against Jew Hatred

For Immediate Release

July 20, 2021

Toronto-based Group Joins Global Rallies To End Jew Hatred In solidarity with #EndJewHatredBerlin, End Jew Hatred Toronto to gather at Nathan Phillips Square on July 25 in support of Jewish community

TORONTO – This Sunday, July 25, Torontonians will gather at 2:00pm at Nathan Phillips Square in solidarity with #EndJewHatredBerlin – a group fighting the continued targeting and assault of Jews in Germany.

Facing rising antisemitism, the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation (CAEF), a Toronto-based nonprofit organization dedicated to educating about and confronting discrimination including racism and antisemitism, created a Toronto chapter of End Jew Hatred.

“Antisemitism is getting worse. Around the world, Jews are facing a growing and menacing problem. Here in Canada, Jewish children are actually asking their parents to take down the mezuzahs posted on entrance ways because they don’t want to be identified as Jewish,” said Andria Spindel, Executive Director of CAEF. “We expect that Jew hatred is seen as everyone’s problem, because a society that mistreats one community isn’t safe for any community.”

The #EndJewHatred demonstration will involve a blowing of the Shofar, or ram’s horn, a traditional Jewish instrument reserved for ritual, public, or religious occasions. There will be a diverse line-up of speakers in attendance, and many other supporters of the Toronto Jewish community. The event will promote and celebrate Jewish resilience in the face of adversity.

This rally will take place alongside others worldwide which are collectively demanding action by all levels of government to implement the international Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism and thereby end Jew hatred.

“We are unwilling to ignore this any longer. There are groups all over paying attention to and agreeing with us,” said Anita Bromberg, President of CAEF. “This is an opportunity for Toronto to show its solidarity with the Jewish community.”

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For more information, please contact:

Andria Spindel Executive Director, CAEF


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